Has anyone stuck with it despite all of this?

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  • searching4truth

    at the moment I actually attend meetings and plan on getting reinstated for family and friends, and yes it is horrible sitting through that crap.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I "faded" for quite a while.

    Just couldn't do it anymore.

    Stopped all meetings, then stopped CA, then the DA, finally the memorials.

    Things came to a head with my mother and sister, nasty scene, but they eventually came around. I'm not DF or DA.


  • Mysterious

    I stuck with it until my senor year of high school and quit shortly before my 18th birthday. I figured I had my entire life ahead of me and if my current friends and family could not accept me for who I was then I would simply have to find new ones.

  • ithinkisee

    There are elders on this messageboard that have been here for years. They grin and bear it because they can't bear the thought of losing their family.

    Some of the elders on this board are on service committees, conduct WT studies, etc.


  • codeblue


    I faded and then told my adult kids why I stopped: spiritual abuse. Now one of them has relinquished contact.

    So me, the victim is the problem. Another classic case identifiying the JW's as a cult and also of spiritual abuse.

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