Oops, I gave my sister a Demon (twice)

by MeneMene 14 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jayhawk1

    Beware of the Dee-minz! Never mind that she could have had a crappy computer and a cheap car radio, no, the Dee-minz are going to get her!

  • Schism

    Mene, tell your sis to drive her car over to a car audio place. They will take it out of her dash and have a look at it. The same thing happened to mine and a local audio guy noticed that it needed to be cleaned from the inside out. Dust and deterioration can do this over time. I ended up having to replace it.

    Ironic story though. When that started happening to my car radio, I actually consulted a Ouiji board and asked if that demon had been the cause of it. It told me yes, it was the cause. But turns out, demons do lie. The audio guy found the culprit and it was anything but "paranormal". Quite normal in fact...

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I'd say she probably shouldn't be allowed to drive

  • Hortensia

    Very funny. See if you can give her another one. Send her one of those dumb email chain letters - she'll be torn between just deleting it or being afraid of the "demons" who might make it come true. One of the things I figured out after I left the organization was that they actually fear demons more than Jehovah. When I read Visions of Glory I was struck by how weird it all must look to outsiders. Not only do they fear demons, they seem to think they are so special each one has some demon tormenting them specially. Whacked out crazy weirdos.

  • geevee

    We have thrown out heaps of good stuff over the years.......what a waste.

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