Suicide is a VERY bad thing.....

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  • Warlock
    Anyone you come in contact with may love you and you don't even know it.


    I love you, and now you know it.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    It's hard to believe someone can be so lost that they think this is their only way out. So lost that they think no one will miss them.

    My heart goes out to her family, especially her daughter and to you as well

  • Abandoned


    I wish this wouldn't have happened. Depression is so misunderstood in our society. Here's another hug ((((((lonelysheep))))))

  • tijkmo

    sorry for your loss

    it might help to think about it from her perspective...i dont know why she did it..what the lead up was or what help if any had been offered..but she didnt do it out of is so often did it because the pain was no longer bearable..the ever present mind heart soul numbing pain that just wouldnt go away however hard she tried.....

    and now it has

  • Confession

    Hi, LonelySheep...

    I'm right there with you. One of my closest friends just committed suicide a bit over a week ago. We worked together and spoke on the phone nearly every day. He'd been struggling with many problems... Among them, his wife (whom he dearly loved) leaving him for another woman and taking his little girls away. He became increasingly addicted to prescription medications.

    A month and a half ago, I had to talk to him for three hours to keep him from hurting himself. Then, sure enough, he finally did it. My reaction was so stereotypical. I was in genuine denial for about three minutes. Then came the anger. (This still hits me now and then.) For awhile I experienced guilt too.

    I told his parents I was sure he wouldn't do this in a lucid mind, but that it must have been while he was overmedicated--which happened all too much.

    Leaving the JWs left me with just a few friends that I can call and talk to. Jason was the primary one of these, and now he's gone--dying on his 35th birthday. I appreciate your starting this thread, and I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend.



  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    ((((((((lonelysheep))))) I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy .. tjikmo has it right , the pain becomes so unbearable a person's thinking is tunneled into only thinking of stopping the pain . Those left behind now have the task of carrying another type of pain around within them for the rest of their life. Right now upstairs in my son's room there is a memorial shelf hanging on the wall . Upon it are the reminders of a dear friend that took her own life back in March . There are pictures of her beautiful smiling face . Her trademark Hello Kitty watch , a beaded bracelet she wore that last day, and a stuffed animal from a funeral arraingement . I still cry everyday thinking about her . Her friends have left messages on her myspace account everyday since her death, over 500 messages......If only her pain had not over ruled her logic , then maybe she would have realized that suicide is a very bad thing . It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  • GoingGoingGone


    I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. I agree with other posters who have said that people commit suicide to stop the terrible pain they are in. Suicide is a very bad thing, but I don't think it's committed by bad people. Someone in that much pain I can't help but feel profoundly sorry for.

    The people they leave behind, though, have to deal with the aftermath. We are here for you.....


  • J-ex-W

    lonelysheep------ I am so sorry for your loss....! Big hugs to you and to your friend's family.....

  • 4JWY
    Suicide is a VERY bad thing

    Suicide may make those left behind, feel badly, but one often knows not the real depth of what brought a person to this end. A choice made independently of others, is what freedom personifies and coming to accept that choice, I see as ultimately showing love to the dear one's memory. You will feel the painful void, yet find you grow from this experience of loss and carry on with more strength in your determination to live your own life to the full.

    An elder told my father that suicide is a "stench before jehovah" just days before my father took this route. Shame on him - The scrawled suicide note left behind stated that "only jehovah and jesus will do the judging".

    My heart goes out to you and others affected by such loss.

  • deeskis

    So sorry (((( lonely sheep))))

    I could sure use a hug. I'm still in shock. Memories are flooding me.

    It's a terrible thing to deal with. I hope that you can think of some good memories, to make you smile through your tears.



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