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  • JWdaughter

    No, not that one, the phone one. I got a horrid, creepy telemarketing phone call from some guy (apparently-he never GOT to the alleged purpose of his call) this weekend. He went on and on, calling me by my first name, asking how my husband was, chatting about this and that, and when I basically said-who are you-why are you calling? He told me he was from "Buckmasters" and and inquired about hunting season. !!!

    I don't hunt! Last time I went hunting was with my dad, I was little-maybe 5, and he shot a doe that year. In front of me. The next deer I saw up close and personal was when it jumped into our windshield going 60mph down a major freeway. The next one was a fawn getting run over by a speeding car in my mom's neighborhood. I am SO never going deer hunting!!! ( I've no problem with those that do, however-I simply don't-besides it involves serious camping and BO, and I don't drink beer, so its not my thing)So, on several levels-he was overly familiar, didn't ID himself or his business until way into the call at my request, he had NO right to call in the first place, etc etc.-I am ticked. If I wouldn't hug you at Christmas- YOU DON'T call me SWEETHEART!!!

    So I think, this guy has got to pay. I am not litigous, but I figure those stupid laws are to protect ME, right? from not getting calls? So I file a Do Not Call registry complaint. The state can fine them $11,000, but apparently, I just have to smile and take it like a lady. What is up with that crap? I am not litigious. I don't need their money. But I am still on somebody's list of people to call and harrass and what talks to those people? $$$. I want to yell at them right now. It wasn't just getting a call-I can hang up on a solicitor. It was the nature of it, the sneakiness of it-at first he came off like one of my dads old buddies or something (only reason I stayed on the phone, thought one of the 'uncles' were teasing). It was truly misleading and inappropriate.

    Today I called the company and spoke to the head of telemarketing. He didn't EVEN apologise. Nothing. Then tonite I file the DNC complaint and find out this is where it ends. Not an area of law that was ever applicable (or in force) when I thought I knew something-does anyone have any ideas on what else I can do? Other than get my BP up for a nobody(that I know)in the deep south with a gun?


  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Sorry Darlin'! hehehehehe I couldn't resist. I think you'd hug me anyway! I am from the north and now living in the south. Big culture change in how many in business just let sweetie and darlin just roll out in conversation with someone they don't know. Hope that's all that was for you with his "sweetheart". Silvertongued devils. (It is nice now that I'm getting used it, the preacher even gives the ladies kisses on the cheek- grandfather like. I guess it beats being called ma'am. Children are strictly taught the "yes ma'am. No sir. And always call ladies "Miss Sarah" "Miss Ashley" ) I can share a horrible telemarketer story with you. When my husband and I were newly weds, we had a small tiff while I was cooking dinner. He was mad. I was mad. Phone rings. Telemarketer male. NOT friendly. Very ABUSIVE. Talked to me like if I didn't buy what he was selling he would keep harassing me until I did. Made me think of how the elderly get abused and scared by such jerks. Well, I hang up on him finally. Hubby asks who it was. I tell him about it and am kinda shook up by the experience. Well, he immediately calls back. Hubby answers. Hubby ripped him up one side and down the other. Made his own threats to the guy and it saved our night! Hubby used up all the pent in anger and I felt defended and taken care of. He never called again and we had a nice dinner! This pre-do-not-call days. Hope this helps. Maybe knowing there is more than one weirdo doing this though doesn't bring you any comfort. In that case, please forgive me dear. lol hope you don't mind my playfullness! Kitten Whiskers--a fellow phone victim

  • jgnat
    I tell him about it and am kinda shook up by the experience. Well, he immediately calls back. Hubby answers. Hubby ripped him up one side and down the other. Made his own threats to the guy and it saved our night! Hubby used up all the pent in anger and I felt defended and taken care of.

    Boy, if that doesn't describe a newlywed night! I'll have to remember that one.

    My JW hubby and I had a tiff about Christmas a few weeks back, and all we did is wind each other up further and further. I started walking away, "talk to the hand" sort of thing, and it drove him nuts. Finally he stomped up and down like a madman until he sprained the bottom of his foot. Well, that ended it.

    I watched him hobble around for a few days, mildly sorry that it got so out of hand. And we both treated each other better after that.

  • JWdaughter

    Hi Kitten, my family is southern (Louisiana!), and I live in a heavily military area. LOTS Of southern. I was still shocked at the way he talked to me. It was just different. Of course around here, the military guys are polite, the church guys are politer and the only honey tongued devils are generally the ones with a few too many beers wondering how far their levis and their accents are going to get them with a northern gal. Thats my context for 'sweetheart' here! I do not get creeped out by polite southern men-even ones who flirt. This guy came off like a stalker or something. All my flags went up-enough so that I called the number back later to make sure they WERE a business, then looked it up online, and then confirmed with the business that it was their number. (I don't normally freak out, is what I am trying to say:)) I couldn't explain what all he said that raised my hackles, but he sure did. BTW, in my group, men don't call other mens wives sweetheart, though the women do it to each other all the time. Wonder why that is?) Sweetie is one thing, honey is another (context matters!!) Sweetheart is my husband. Or sarcasm at work. It was too familiar for a stranger, the way he talked to me-and I am casual and friendly to everyone. It crossed way over a line, but it was the whole tone of the conversation. Days later. I am pretty much over my need to call the BBB about it;)

  • JWdaughter

    Jgnat, that story has me laughing at 12:47am. Being married is something else, isn't it?:)

  • Abandoned


    Those types of things make me mad too. We now have caller ID and don't answer if it's a blocked or unknown number. You can even turn it into a game by trying to figure out what the person's life is like by the moronic message they leave on your phone.

  • jgnat

    Hubby answers 800 "unkown callers" with his insane-voice, "HELLLEWWWW, YEWSSSS, CAN I HEWP YOU?" If he is feeling particularly bratty, he then hands the phone to me, "It's for you."

  • hambeak

    I took advice from one of the posts about John Mabe and calling a murder scene.

    I just tell them they've called the Dallas County Morgue and everyone here is dead so unless they want to ID a body don't call back.

    My god I sometimes have a weird sense of humor, but I have very few calls now

  • rebel8

    I had to file a complaint with the FTC once b/c of a particular company that wouldn't stop calling no matter how many times I asked them to stop.

    The FTC has the power to fine them but they do not turn over the fine to the complainant. You would have to sue them to get $.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    I am so sorry! I in no way meant to criticize you! Please, don't take it that way. I was being a smartallek. There are definitly those times the hair on the back of our necks stand up and we are on high alert! I am so sorry you went through such a traumatizing experience! That must have ruined your day. It is scary. I am glad you checked up on it and made sure it was a legit business!!!! And thank you for the southern "appropriate" terms of endearment! I really hadn't paid that close attention to the differences! I will say the most silver tongued devil I have met so far has been my insurance man!!!!! I guess that's expected-lol! Hugs to you as you come away from this!!! And apologies once again. Kitten Whiskers

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