Nuke almost went off

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  • stillajwexelder

    Do you know that uranium rusts or oxidizes over time?

    Most metals do. They degrade to the state they are found in nature - thermodynamic inevitability. Gold is an exception.

  • JeffT

    I brought this up with a guy I know that used to be an armorer for the Strategic Air Command. His response was "ROFLMAO"

    I take it he doesn't think much of this.

  • james_woods

    Remember the B-52 that crashed over southern Spain back in the cold war, and they supposedly lost 4 warheads? As I remember, it collided mid-air with a refueling tanker.

    They didn't go off, but one of them sure made a radioactive mess in some poor farmers field. Another went into the ocean, and it took a major effort to find it.

    I too discount the "accidental nuclear explosion" angle, but these things are dangerous to store and handle.


  • moshe

    >>(words misspelled on purpose) Why? Just naively curious. Dave So Echelon doesn't catch him, of course. Not taking any chances on a Gov't web crawler. They might thing I know a whole lot more about this sort of thing. Moshe

  • james_woods

    Moshe, he could tell you why,

    but, then he would have to kill you.

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