It's a Wonderful Life (the movie)

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  • Snoozy

    Happy dad..I know what you mean. But as my late hubby was a JW..we rarely shared movies like that..

    So I sat and cried alone even when he was alive.

    I mostly enjoy being alone now..but I sure do miss having someone to share things with....Even little things like laughing at a laugh echo's in my mind.

    I have two daughters and a son that are grown and have families of their own. Besides kids just aren't the same..they have their own interests ,lives and families now.

    And forget vacations unless you have a close friend.

    I used to go to the park that hubby and I shared after he died but I would end up bawling and have to leave.

    Snoozy...who sure misses hubby...

    I think next year I will volunteer or something ...maybe that will help.

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