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    The Ozzie distributers for "Crisis of Conscience" is a store called "KOORONG Books" and they have seven stores throughout NSW. Here are their locations and phone numbers, you can decide which area is most convienient for you:

    1West Ryde [Main Store] 9857-4477

    2Penrith 4727-4477

    3Port MacQuarie 6584-4977

    4Armidale 6772-2622

    5 Newcastle 4929-3160

    6 Gosford 4322-1238

    7 Tamworth 6766-3883

    Originally published in 1983, the book has been such a huge bestseller that the publishers, Commentary press have had to urge Ray Franz to bring out updated editions. The latest is the 4th edition, published in 2002, which in addition to having the most up-to-date information available at the time, also has a most welcome index at the back, making research so much easier. The first two editions sadly lacked this feature

    The price for the paperback is $37.95 and the Hard cover $46.95

    Franz's second book "In search of Christian Freedom" is currently not available in Australia but can be purchased dirctly from the publishers or

    Secondhand copies could be anywhere and it would take a quick lookaround to locate. Elizabeth's in Sydney largest of the second hand booksellers may be able to locate a copy for you. However if you are going to spend a little money getting a copy, your best bet would be purchasing the latest 4th edition

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    buy from the man himself

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