What is your favorite comic book heroes and villains?

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  • 5go

    Batman :Hero He has the only real super powers his brain and his money

    Dr Doom :Villain The guy that inspired Darth Vader.

    Deadpool :Anti Hero A looney toon that kills people for money.

    Woverine :Runner up for both hero and anti hero. Wolverine, Nuff said.

    Joker :Runner up for villain. Well he's the Joker what else.

  • gaiagirl

    I used to like "Metal Men", a team of robots made of various metals, whose personalities somewhat matched the properties of their metal body, i.e. Iron was very muscular and athletic, Mercury was prone to rapid changes of mood, Lead was chunky and slow moving, Gold and Platinum were like Greek ideals of male and female mental and bodily perfection, Tin was a wimpy weak little guy. Another very good comic was "Doom Patrol" a team of three misfits led by a guy in a wheelchair, supposedly BEFORE X-men hit the stands. The three members were a robot which housed a human brain, a guy whose "negative" soul could leave his body for up to 60 seconds at a time, and a woman who could grow to gigantic size. Finally, there was the "Spectre", a policeman killed by criminals, who came back as a spirit bent on vengance against all wrongdoers, and who usually made his punishment fit the crime in a very unusual manner. Unlike most "heros", Spectre was pretty much unlimited in his abilities, so there wasn't much a criminal could do once he was targeted.

  • Simon

    The obvious ones ... Spiderman, Iron Man, etc.

    I liked some of the more off-beat ones ... the West Coast Avengers, Phantom, Dr Strange

    Anything but DC! (Make Mine Marvel)

    BTW: Did you know that comic books had an agreed "code" which included certain words they wouldn't use? They never used "Flick" for instance in case the letter ran together when printed ...

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Captain America. "When Captain America weilds his mighty shield, all those who oppose his mighty shield must yield!"

    He fought the evil Nazi bad guy, "the Red Skull". Loved it.



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  • Spectre

    Yeah, The Spectre is pretty cool!

  • dmouse

    I always had a soft spot for the Silver Surfer, he always seemed very caring.

  • dmouse

    Oh yeah, and of course:

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Favourite Villain:Magneto (a bit too Nietchean for me, but very persuasive in many of his views)

    Favourite Hero:Spiderman (mostly from the earlier storylines - balancing power with responsibilities)

  • anakolouthos

    Spiderman - shy geek turned superhero. What's not to like? Probably the comic book hero I identify most with. :-P

    Abyss - this supervillian essentially has a black hole in his chest with which he sucks up his enemies. That's pretty much the pinnacle of badassery in my book.

    Wolverine - what a great character! Superficially he's quite a brute, but underneath his tough image, he's a very deep, conflicted guy.

    Herbie Popnecker (not very well known, but pretty cool) - a little boy with limitless power & a taste for lollipops. I loved it when he became the Fat Fury. Wikipedia article on Herbie

    The Saint of Killers - a very dark anti-hero. Or maybe a villian? An invincible gunslinger with 2 revolvers that never miss & always kill their target.

    That's all i can think of off the top of my head. Good thread!

  • Clam

    From the Watchtower comic I'd go for Michael the Archangel (hero) and of course Satan (villain).

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