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    Oh I forgot he DID touch a little girl-----yechhhh!

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    What that article about lacking impulse control...and being since he was molested at age 6...

    My ex-husband told me that he was, not molested , but exposed to pornography around that age (or so) by his older brother, who was exposed to it at age 11 by an adult farmer neighbor. They were a large family [eleven kids!] living on an isolated rural farm property in North Dakota at the time, and the children's emotional/ social/ educational welfare was being neglected-- in favor of 'spiritual pursuits'--by both ELDER dad and PIONEER mom. The children wereleft to their own devices far too much of the time, and since the oldest was exposed [mindset infected, I'll say] in this manner, the 'infection'--of sexual perversion and abusive behavior--spread in like manner, down through the five boys who were first and then onto the four sisters that followed. [The two boys on the tail end, I suspect, got the least of the wrong stuff through the family, though I don't know that for sure.]

    My point is, my ex- said he remembers being 11 years old and humping a snow bump. He had already been exposed to magazines and physical abuse and witnessing/ hearing about his oldest brother sexually abusing girls from the farm next door to them. [Don't know if it's the girls and the adult guy farmer are from the same farm.] My ex- is # 4 in his family, and he has told me that # 5 in his family was forced (at around age 5) to watch an older, early teen adolescent girl take off her shirt, at the orders of the eldest brother. From what my ex remembers, his younger brother was crying. Neither he nor the girl wanted to participate; neither knew how to stop the situation.

    He also said he remembers being around 8 yrs. old and being talked into bringing a ladder and holding it for his oldest brother under the same girl's bedroom window. He thought it was great fun and was enjoying having his older brother's good graces shine upon him for once. He said he remembers hearing the girl screaming. He started to break down at this point in telling me--like I'd never seen him do, and haven't seen from him since. He refused to finish the story and left my apartment instead. What he did say, right before covering his mouth and starting to really cry, was, "I think he raped her. He only pretended to like me so I could help him rape her." He seemed horrified at this new understanding of events...a 21-year-old's understanding as opposed to the previous 8-year-old's. [We were dating at the time he shared these things with me.]

    The whole thing was a triple shock for him: The recognition that the screaming most likely was for rape, or attempted rape... and that he had been hoodwinked into being an accomplice...and that it was duplicitous evil carried out by his own brother. This had actually been one of the few positive memories he had of his oldest brother, up to this time, till he was able to recognize this!

    Anyway, like the elder in this story, early exposure to mentally poisonous sexual messages infected my ex-husband's brain so that he went on to molest at least two of his sisters, for sure--AND TO MOLEST, SEXUALLY HARRASS, AND OUTRIGHT RAPE ME, both when I was his girlfriend and when I was his wife!!!

    These sex abusers start out abused themselves, first, it's true---but they keep on spreading it and spreading it unless or until someone finally puts the screws to them hard enough to make them STOP [and, even then, they stop only for a time!]. My ex-husband is still in " good standing" in the congregations because of the 'two witness' rule, with no one knowing of the crap he has pulled, because such things are kept quiet--while I sit on the outs for having had CONSENSUAL sex with someone else a year after the divorce was finalized!!! [That qualifies as me having committed 'adultery,' BTW--not just as premarital sex, but as marital adultery!!--because the divorce itself was not due to adultery. That meant that, supposedly, we were still married in GOD'S eyes and not free to marry another person. The only options would be to get back together--and stay together--with my extremely abusive ex-, or to stay separated, or legally divorced, but UNMARRIED, NOT DATING, AND ABSOLUTELY CELIBATE for the rest of my life, or until he found himself another victim and freed me through his own posti-divorce "adultery."

    WHAT A ---- SCREWED-UP ---- IGNORANT ---- SPIRITUALLY DEFUNCT ---- SEX ABUSE - PROLIFERATING SYSTEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    >WHOO! < Sorry...had to get all that out there. Ya know, it feels better to know that, at least SOMEWHERE, this stuff can get heard and, hopefully, do someone else some good........It certainly doesn't get heard and attended to in the congregations. Hope y'll are having a nice day.

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    String him up boys!

    nah !!! put him in prison and let the GP find out what he's in for.

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    Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order

    Ohhhhh YuuuumThe hawtness of that woman makes me want to...........well, you know.

    Anyway, this Dude is expecting a free ride at the big A I'm sure.

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    elder with the local Jehovah's Witnesses, who is charged with molesting two girls

    He is a longtime practicing Jehovah's Witnesses elder pedophile child molester.

    The elder grants an interview and goes on a rant about the evils of masturbation and you can be sure this will be cited as what happens to anyone who engages in any sex other than Watchtower approved missionary position with one's married spouse.

    He's a pedophile damn it!

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    He allegedly touched the buttocks of a 10-year-old girl and put his finger on her vaginaduring a door-to-door visit by the pair to a Kitchener home to promote their religion sometime between January 2001 and December 2002. The second girl was about 11 when she says Martin put both hands on her hips and rubbed himself against her while she was standing in his kitchen, baking him a pie, sometime between January 1988 and December 1989.

    Scum of the earth

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    This piece of shit elder should have his balls cut off and shoved down his throat.


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    Bible rants of 'mad' cannibal
    The Sun, UK - 2 hours ago
    ... yesterday. Jehovah’s Witness Jan Ometak, 27, bit off part of Doug Morgan’s right thumb and swallowed it while laughing hysterically. ...

    [email protected] reporter on case

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    Could this mean a very public trial? Church elder denies assaults on girls
    Waterloo Record, Canada - 11 minutes ago
    A former elder in a local Jehovah's Witnesses congregation denied yesterday that he sexually touched two young girls who were members of his church. ... Church elder denies assaults on girls Any contact was inadvertent, accused testifies DIANNE WOOD A former elder in a local Jehovah's Witnesses congregation denied yesterday that he sexually touched two young girls who were members of his church. Claude Martin, 77, took the stand at his trial for sexual assault and sexual interference of the two girls He is charged with touching the buttocks and vagina of a 10-year-old during a door-to-door visit with the child to promote their religion, between January 2001 and December 2002. The second allegation relates to an 11-year-old girl who said Martin came up behind her and rubbed himself against her while she was standing in his kitchen baking a pie, between January 1988 and December 1989. Asked by his lawyer, James Marentette, if he ever intentionally touched the 10-year-old girl sexually, Martin said no.He may have inadvertently made physical contact, he said, while transferring his briefcase from one hand to the other to remove literature to give to the homeowner. He and the girl were standing on a tiny landing inside the homeowner's side door, court heard. There was barely room to move and he said at one point, "I must have had to move her out of the road. It was crowded. That's all I can remember." The homeowner's son had answered the door and called for his father in the basement. The father came upstairs. "Did you intend to touch her buttock area?" Marentette asked. "I don't think so," Martin replied. "No, I had nothing like that in my mind." When Crown prosecutor Mark Poland suggested the jostling in such a small area could have resulted in the assault as described by the girl, Martin replied, "With a man standing right there and a son standing right there, and winter clothes on -- no. You've got to be using your imagination." As for the alleged incident in the kitchen, Martin said there was no room on his small counter for anyone to bake a pie. He and his daughter, Cheryl, who often cooked and baked pies, always used the table, he said. Justice Michael Epstein decided not to accept a statement Martin made to police in 2003 as evidence of prior discreditable conduct. In the statement, Martin admitted to police he had uncontrollable sexual urges involving attraction to girls and women and that he sometimes masturbated. He made the statement after he was arrested on suspicion of exposing himself to a 12-year-old girl who had approached his home to deliver a newspaper. He was not charged in that allegation. "I find the statement to be extremely confusing,'' the judge said. "I can't resolve exactly what the problem is the accused refers to. "There's nothing to suggest to me that what he's referring to is anything other than a proclivity to masturbate while sexually fantasizing.'' The statement's relevance to anything in the trial was unclear, Epstein said. In his final arguments, Marentette urged the judge to find his client not guilty. He said it would be unsafe to convict Martin on the evidence of the two young girls. He suggested the 11-year-old in the kitchen didn't see who came up behind her. Instead, she testified she "just knew'' who it was. Her story "has this air of unreality,'' he said. He also suggested the 10-year-old wasn't sure what she felt during the door-to-door visit. "She concluded it was his hand,'' Marentette said. But the Crown disagreed. Poland said the 10-year-old had "absolutely no doubt'' what happened to her. And the girl in the kitchen didn't say she didn't see Martin, Poland said. She said she didn't hear him come in. "She felt his erection. She ran off and didn't look back.'' Epstein will give his judgment Tuesday. [email protected] write the same reporter on this case

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    Google just reindexed NOW top ranked news on Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide

    Church elder denies assaults on girls
    Waterloo Record, Canada - 1 7 minutes ago
    A former elder in a local Jehovah's Witnesses congregation denied yesterday that he sexually touched two young girls who were members of his church. ...
    Ex-elder can't control sex urgesWaterloo Record
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