these JW's do not get the message

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I would make it clear to him that I am no longer interest because I now realize that many of there teachings are false. I would print some examples and encourage him to look into them himself. I would tell him to come back and see me if he ever get out of the WT.

  • skyking

    On 1914 I like to go to any encyclopedia and look up Jerusalem and look at the date it fell to the Babylonians every one I have ever looked at says 586/7 BCE then ask how does the JW come up with 607 when no one else agrees.

    Give him some time to look up the answer in the mean time you need to look up the information as well.

    Key point the JW secretly changed their date from 606 BCE to 607 BCE no one noticed to the proof then ask him why do you think they changed the date could be because they are wrong and had to change it so 2520 come down to 1914. I know this sound like Greek to you but it prove the JW's really wrong about 1914.

    I have some information on blood that I have made that comes only from the bible if you stick to the bible on blood they will listen to you. Three different CO's and eight different Elders have went over this information with me and every single one has told me I am correct but I need to wait on Jehovah. One flat quit after reading the information, One put his head between his legs and cried. One has all but quit and I hear he is no longer an Elder and goes to meeting only occasionally. All because of my blood letter. PM me if you want this letter it is very effective. Anyone else that want it PM me and I will send it to you.

  • jimbo


    Another poster had this same info about blood. I think his alias was Skyman. But the information is good for reference.



    Lick your finger..Dip it in salt,poke him in the eye..He won`t come back...OUTLAW

  • GoingGoingGone

    ROFL @ Outlaw!!!!


  • moi

    were you a jw. if so how long

  • skyking

    Jimbo you know I was formally known as skyman. I have tried that name.

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