Why does it seem to be unhappy people who are attracted to the JWs?

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  • new boy
    new boy

    I have had time to think about this..........

    I was an attendent for many years.......... and looking up and down the rows at every family that was seating there in the KHs..........


    I think of my mother (who brought this religion into our house)......she was one of the most unhappy and miserable people you would ever meet! She was a spiritual orphan with few friends and no real family to speak of.

    She got the "Good News" back in 1950, that "the world" was a bad place and God, would soon be killing most everyone......She was THRILLED!............... So she could finally be happy.....................IN THE FURTURE.........that is, not now. Now life would be hard and that is exactly how she made for herself and everone around her!.............She became the NAZIS Jw from hell......We had to have at least over 100 degree temperature to stay home from the meetings or field service.

    For most JWs there is very little "Happiness" now.........................."Happiness" is always a furture thing...........then they will be happy, after most everyone is DEAD..........including their friends and relatives.


  • stillajwexelder

    If somebody is already happy - they have paradise - so why do they need JW paradise. On the other hand if somebody is basically unhappy, depressed , long term permanent illness, the promise of paradise etc can be a huge draw - that is why JWs TEND to draw a certain type (on average)

  • NanaR

    I was an attendent for many years.......... and looking up and down the rows at every family that was seating there in the KHs..........


    Think about the "ain't it awful" mentality that the JWs present at the doors. The whole focus of the message is that the world is falling apart and Jehovah is going to fix it -- very soon....

    So you're right, the whole thrust of their lives is living for a "future" reward. What is required now is "obedience" and "endurance".

    Not surprisingly, the areas of increase in the JW org. are in lands where conditions really are lousy. When people don't have anything to begin with, or any hope of anything, the concept of a perfect paradise is pretty tantalizing.

    Also, think of how long some of those folks have been "enduring". Most didn't believe they would ever finish high school, much less need a decent pension to live. Some gave up plans to have children; very few obtained more than the most basic education.

    If they weren't unhappy to start with, they will be before long...

    I was born into it. I wouldn't say that I was never happy about anything, but then personality-wise I never really fit in the org. structure. I'm an ENFP -- other than being a true natural extrovert (can't shut me up - hah!), I was a square peg in a round hole. I think it was my "P" tendencies that drove them the most crazy -- most JWs feel like they HAVE to know everything in advance.


  • james_woods

    New boy - I had to look at your home state after you posted this:

    ......We had to have at least over 100 degree temperature to stay home from the meetings or field service.

    Too bad you could not have lived in Oklahoma City or Dallas like I did. But, then your mom would have probably made that about 120 in the shade. Or, perhaps if the tornado sirens were wailing loud enough to drown out the sound system.

    Seriously, your point is well made - they do attract some of the most miserable people in society. Just like Jim Jones and the peoples temple.

    I once even heard a circuit overseer tell the pubs to look for the miserable unhappy ones in door to door because they made good easy converts.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I don't think it is JW specific; I think unhappy people are generally attracted to religion, especially the more fundamentalist religions. These are people who are not functioning at a very high level in society. They are viewed as low achievers by society, then, via the magic of religion, they transform from being "losers" to being "God's special people."


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I guess if someone is lonely, depressed or sick, the jws seem to offer a good alternative. The love bombibg at the kh is almost certain to have an immediate and positive effect on people like that, and with the promise of a future paradise, it's an attractive package to some people.

  • M.J.

    They even have a tract tailor made for finding 'em. It's called "Comfort for the Depressed".

  • BrentR

    What is most tragic is that sad, lonely and depressed people end up as JW's which will only compound the problem. Insted of actually getting medical and/or cognitive therapy they learn to hate, to love on only certain conditions and to promote a fear based cult. Woman are told they are not fit to minister, to be the weaker vessel and to stay trapped in a toxic marriage. Kids end up being tormented and teased because they are different or odd at school.

    I guess to some people being in a group that at leasts acts like they care about you is better then nothing at all. An organization that has a very plastic polished appearence is the lesser of the two evils.

    The fake smiles and fake compassion is nothing more then the "cheese" in the mouse trap.

  • DannyHaszard

    During the C & D conventions of the 1960's the first floor was row after row of wheel chairs and i seen em in iron lungs.

    All waiting to be cured soon in the Watchtower paradise it's 2007 (almost) and all these poor downtrodden folks including my own blind from birth mother who married a total asshole JW reg pioneer at age 17 and gave him 5 kids me oldest ......yes EVERY ONE IS NOW DEAD!

    They are all DEAD!

  • whyizit

    I had a very religious Aunt (not a JW) who was extemely unhappy too. I used to listen to her go on and on about how I needed her religion, but all I could think about was how miserable and unhappy she was. She would reference the "future happiness" thought as well. Why would I want what SHE has? It looks like a miserable way to live. But to her, misery was happiness, and misery loves company.

    A miserable existence was some type of martyrdom for God, and isn't He just SOOOO impressed?!

    I only visited a KH once, but it was on the Memorial night. Of course, there was all that "love-bombing" going on, so I guess if you were looking for a place to be accepted, it might seem perfect. If you are looking for friendships, you might over-look the unhappiness of others, if there's a lot of attention lavished on you personally. Little do you know at that point that it is all an illusion. It is all conditional.

    The most contagious Christian I have ever met was my father-in-law. He doesn't push "religion". He lives a pattern of Christ-like love. He makes you want what he has. Everyone should have at least one relative like him. He is amazing!

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