I went to the Public Talk & WT Study today.........It was excellent!

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  • Warlock
    Knowing what a bullsh**ter you can be, no.

    I love you too, Trev. Say hi to Linda for me.


  • moshe

    Warlock- it's been 7 months already? I'll bet you could really give them a meeting the brothers and sisters won't soon forget!

  • AuldSoul
    blondie: "Can you tell me one point or scripture that stands out in your mind that you could share with me?"

    I was an exception to this general rule, but I know what you mean. I wouldn't commend a talk unless a specific point made it better than the average run-of-the-mill in my opinion. If I didn't enjoy the talk I would usually just thank the person for giving it.

    After I gave talks (often last minute substitutions, 'cause they knew I was up for it) I would ask the gladhanders which point stood out to them most. Occasionally one of the older sisters or more studious sisters would remember an illustration or a visual aid (I used them a lot), but usually I got, "Well, the whole thing was great. I don't think I could pick out one point." Inside my brain my eyes were rolling. Now that you have drawn my attention to it, It did seem the brothers were the most disaffected by meeting parts.

    I wonder why.


  • mouthy


    She was sitting in the back................with Gumby, in the "Elderly and Infirm" section, the last two rows.


    O.K. My Lad.... What are you going to do stop your nose from growing.? INFIRM SECTION indeed!!!

    I bet I could run rings around you...HMMM INFIRM SECTION >>>>OFF WITH HIS HEAD

  • dobbie

    Warlock you cheeky monkey!I can't believe i fell for that one, i was actually worried for about 3 seconds!

  • joe_black

    The "cartoonwitness" that Blondie posted above looks just like an A-hole JW I used to work with, and just like the cartoon he didn't know or couldn't remember anything worthwhile.

  • Taltek

    Blondie is right. Usually only old single pioneer women kept notes on that crap.
    When I'd tell an CO, DO or some ancient "visiting Bethelite" I enjoyed their talk (as a way to make contacts and drop my name for promotion) they'd try to trick me by asking, "What point did you like about it?"
    My standard reply was, "They way you tied the counsel together and applied it to us living in the last days. We must strive to keep on the watch, as the end draws near."
    They would shake their heads approvingly, and be so happy!
    What bool sheet. but it worked EVERY DAMN time. What fool!

  • crazyblondeb

    HA HA HA!!!!

    Told you granny would get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stillin4now

    We decided to go to meeting yesterday because its our circuit overseer week and we've missed meetings for weeks now. We figured it would be worse for our fade if we didn't show up all week.

    Anyway, when we got there only few cars in the parking lot. Turns out they changed our meeting to the morning for the

    convienience of the CO and we missed it. So we went out for a nice dinner. That's my favorite kind of meeting. Ha ha.

  • Warlock

    Anyway, when we got there only few cars in the parking lot. Turns out they changed our meeting to the morning for the

    convienience of the CO and we missed it

    We have gone to the meeting to an empty parking lot. Special Assembly, or Circuit Assemby Sunday.

    If you don't go, you won't know. LOL.


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