I'm a Jinx--anyone else?

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  • Junction-Guy

    The Whataburger I stopped at was very near downtown, but it was next to the interstate on the access road. Well hopefully you will meet someone again and everything will turn out alright. As for me, Im staying single. I see no reason to rush into anything right now, I no longer worry about Armageddon.

  • william draper
    william draper

    Junction Guy makes an observation about life that I believe many can relate to . I believe that I rule in this arena , as I guess others may also believe the same about themselves , Years ago when I was traveling between Texas and Florida , it seemed as if the Hurricanes went wherever I had left from .

    There is probably nothing that hurts like having your children ripped away from you either unjustly , or with just cause , but the pain I expect goes deeper when you have your children unjustly taken from you , which I believe women are most often the perpetrators of this criminal activity which often no criminal actions are taken against one , then you are lied against in order for them to continue their scheme .

    When my wife and I got back together back in 1986 , everything was going OK , I had learned to control my frustration in regards to her very very irrational behavior , running out of the house and telling me she wasn't going to stay home with the children while I went to work . There was no drama the last time we got back together , then just like 2 days after we all went to the outer Disney area , and had a nice time , she disappeared with the children while I was at work , went back to her parents 1000 miles away , I followed in order to see my children. taking a leave from my job , I slept in the park and got a job at Richards Restaurant , stayed just 1 day late after my bus ticket expired for return trip , so I ended up hitchhiking back to Florida , never having been allowed to spend time with my children , except I agree only in her parents house . My ex had ran up a phone bill of more than $750.00 , during that last time we were back together for about 6 weeks . 12 months later she looses the children , to the Babysitter due to neglect , and abuse by her and her new husband , I only found out by hiring a PI . About 16 years later , I made contact with my children , and things looked like they might go well , they were asking about their mother though , at the mall I talked a little about their mother , making a positive note in one regard , REMEMBER , so anyway I helped them get back together with their mother . The elder told me she was married with 3 children , now I am talking to my children and they say Mom is living with them , along with their 3 children , and I say you mean she is visiting , NO she is living here now , she divorced and now living there with them . I call the elder he says that her husband is trying to sell the property and move down there also ? ? ? ? ? ? So I am talking to my children again . . . . . . DON'T YOU CALL MOM A LIAR they are hysterical and upset at me ... . seems that their mother is also feeding them those old lies once again .. . . its hell all over again 😨

  • SafeAtHome

    Junction Guy: Are you still around? Does it work for sports? Could you please root for the Detroit Tigers?

    Thank you from a loyal, frustrated Cleveland Indians fan

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