I'm a Jinx--anyone else?

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  • PrimateDave

    I think you're one of those 'glass is half empty' kind of guys, yes? Dave

  • DannyHaszard

    Ca 1987 Danny Haszard working Boston Mass they called me the 'jink' because i would 'predict' which workmates were getting injured next only cause i observed their unsafe practices many under the heavy influence of illegal drugs.

  • Mystla

    YES!! My husband is a weather jinx! Only he has the exact opposite effect. He is from Alaska, so he loves the snow, he likes rain second best. Wherever we go they have beautiful sunny weather.. Neither of us like the heat, so it's almost always "unseasonly warm" whenever we visit. We lived in central oregon for awhile (high desert) it was so dry it drove us nuts.. we took most of our vacations on the coast so we could get some rain, but it was always dry when we went. My inlaws get sick of the rain where they are at.. so they invite us to come visit a lot When he moved back to Alaska in 95 they had a very mild winter... and continued to have mild winters until he left.

    It may not be as dramatic as your chaos effect, but it's still a little weird to know that where ever I take him the weather will clear up.


  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    JG-I think maybe you have a special way of sensing when the weather is going to get bad and have a "fleeing" mechanism built in! Birds migrate before winter, you leave before disaster! Some with arthritis feel pain in their joints before a storm, you feel the need to travel!:-) Kitten Whiskers

  • bigmouth

    Bugger! my computer just cr

  • Junction-Guy

    Well here's the story about our moving fiasco. Back in 1996 we moved from Florida to Tennessee. It all started when I went to pick up the moving truck. They gave me a car hauling trailer that had a weight limit of 3000 lbs, my car weighed 3350 lbs. Well I loaded my car onto the trailer.,loaded my furniture in the truck and took off------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The truck they gave us had a diesel engine so I was required to mark my mileage at every exit I got off, plus I found out that the truck had a governor on it, so I couldnt go over 60 mph, even downhill. It was slow going until I got to Gainesville, when another motorist pulled up beside me and points to the back. I look back and see lots of smoke coming from the car hauler. I stop the truck on the side of the road and wait awhile for the smoke to dissipate. I was worried that my overloaded weight on the trailer was burning out the wheel bearings or something else. After a while we start the truck up and head down to the next exit and use the payphone to call the moving company. They sent an mechanic out there and it turned out to be that the employee who hooked up the trailer had wrapped the tow chain around the brake cord and the brake was engaging. well we then hit the road again---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------after a slow night of driving we finally made it to Tennessee, we arrive later than we expected. The original storage place we called had a different sign than what their business name was so we are lost and trying to locate this storage place. I finally give them a call on a payphone, and they say "We're sorry, we will be closing in a few minutes" So I frantically look through the phone book and find another storage place. He tells me that they will be closing in an hour, so I say "no problem, we will be there, its only about 5 miles away" Well as you may not be aware, Pigeon Forge Tennessee has the worst traffic on the face of the earth. It took an hour to go 5 miles to the other storage place.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well I arrive at the next storage place and he he says "Im sorry, we just closed" So now Im getting pissed. The traffic is very heavy and I quickly back into the roadway, and in the process I bend the trailer hitch. So once again I have to go to the payphone and call up the moving company. They told me to just leave the trailer and they would pick it up. After I get off the phone with them I head back to the truck, which was just across the street, and find out that Amanda had just locked the keys up inside the truck. I was determined not to call the moving company again. So I tried a little trick I saw on TV. I dug through our stuff and found a coat hanger, and within 3 minutes opened the door, I was amazed at how easy it was to do.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well after getting the truck open we headed over to one more storage place, they were open until late in the evening. We unloaded our furniture and then headed over to the campground. While at the campground, the first night I came down with a minor bladder infection. I was constantly running to the bathroom and it was burning also. I didnt know what was wrong, but I didnt have health insurance, so I just waited it out, and within a few days it went away. Within 2 days we head up to Dayton to visit family before starting our job hunt. We get back to Tennessee and start our job hunt, and it wasnt easy. We searched for almost a week before I found a job, and it took 2 weeks for her.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile our money is depleting and we are surviving on chesse and crackers. Our job hunt was getting frustrating, and the employers over there werent very pro-active, they would stall and ask us stupid questions. One interview I went on the guy was a jerk and let me know that he discriminates against women employees, so my wife couldnt get a job there. I turned him down because I figured he was a total jerk and wouldnt want to work with him anyway. Amanda had applied at a christian bookstore and the manager there looked down on us like we were a piece of crap. I couldnt believe this. Everytime I pass that bookstore I want to go in there and give them a piece of my mind, even to this day..----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well we finally got jobs and started getting settled in, and then it rained and rained and rained. I felt like I was living in a rainforest.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------I will finish this up briefly in a few minutes.

  • Junction-Guy

    Well that's about it on the moving fiasco, except that we found out that it rains alot there. Oh, also my last paycheck from Florida was late in arriving, and our money was running out. Before we got our first paycheck in Tennessee we were flat broke. So Amanda decided to take a ring that Mom had found at the motel in Florida, and pawn it. She pawned the ring, and we took the money and bought a tank of gas, and then celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary at a chinese buffet in Sevierville TN. Amanda never did find another job as a desk clerk, she says that they only want the "cutsie" girls working there. I found a job as a desk clerk and it turned out fine. I actually enjoyed working there, but I decided I needed to do something further with my life, and that's when I started pursuing Law Enforcement. Amanda got a job with Burger King and remained there for 6 years. What a time we had back in 1996. I was ready to pull my hair out. I wonder if all this was a Jinx, or God trying to tell us to move back home to Kentucky.

  • Abandoned

    I'm Jinxed, but it's only with relationships...

    My first wife and I fell in love while she was still in school and I just out. She was the prettiest redhead, I'd ever seen and I couldn't believe that she was hitting on me. Things progressed and I proposed to her, but I was worried about what kind of work I'd find so I joined the army, without discussing it with her, and that lead to our downfall. She had always wanted to go in the air force and did a month of so after we were married. We were planning on getting stationed near each other once she was out of training. Well, stupid me decided our relationship needed god and started studying with the witlesses. She had an affair and left me a short time later.

    1989. My first job out of the army was Whataburger in Withcita Falls, TX. While there, I met a lovely young gal named Vanessa. We seemed to hit it off from the start. After a couple of weeks, she told me that her landlord was canceling her lease and she didn't have anywhere to go. I went out and found an apartment, paid the deposit and utilities, and moved in with her. Things were OK the first week or so, but then I found out that her real boyfriend didn't like her living with me.

    In april of 1990, I started studying with the witlesses again. I was baptised in July and started my way up the theocratic food chain at full speed. By feb 1991, I was an ms, pioneer, and spending most of my free time in denton, tx helping to build the assembly hall. One of the elders had a pioneer sister and I developed a little thing for her. In true jw fashion, I told her I would like to see if we would be compatible for marriage. Before we even had an actual date, she told me she wasn't interested in getting married and thus didn't care to go out on any dates.

    In 1994, I maintained the computer network of a training company in southern california. They hired a girl in her twenties like me and I could feel a sexual tension in the air. She loved to flirt and I found her attractive so this went on for awhile. I finally got up the nerve to ask her out, but she told me that her boyfriend wouldn't like that. I swear she'd never mentioned him before.

    I became pissed at women and decided to test out and see if I was gay. One saturday night in october 1994, I visited a gay bar in Laguan Beach and met a very friendly guy about my age. I knew he was gay although that didn't even enter into any of our conversations. He gave me his phone number before the place closed and I called him a couple days later. We dated for awhile and I realized that I'm definitely hetero. Still it was an interesting experience.

    In August, 1995, three days after the release of Windows 95, a friend of mine invited me down to Mexico. His family weren't allowed into the US, so he only came to the states during the week to work. We were planning to go partying saturday night and then spend sunday with his family. We definitely did go partying saturday night. We went to bar after bar, club after club and I bought many, many a drink for many, many a young lady. I guess I was a bit slow, but I didn't realize that they weren't interested in me, that they just wanted to get me to spend my money. After a couple hours, I complained about how none of the girls seemed to want to get with me. He suggested I get una prostituta. I was drunk and horny so it seemed like a good idea and he set it up. I walked to a hotel across the street, bought an insanely priced condom, and rented a room for an hour. Then I went upstairs and waited. Eventually the lady showed up and undressed but due to the business-like atmosphere, I couldn't rise to the occasion. I apologized and paid her, but we weren't able to do anything.

    Later that night, at a tiny club on the outskirts of Revoluccion, I met a lady a few years older than myself who wanted to dance with me for a drink. She was a fantastic dancer - salsa, cumbia, ranchero, corrido, and others - and she had such a warm aura about her that I couldn't resist. Although I wasn't particularly attracted to her at the time, we danced the entire night away and around three in the morning left together. We got a motel and this time I found no trouble rising. We dated for two years and were married in 1997. In April of 1998, I was feeling guilty for not attending the kingdom hall and started attending meetings. In May of 1998, my wife's VISA was cancelled and she was kicked out of the country. I tried to get her back in the countyr but due to a piece of paper she signed during that fateful night, we had to wait ten years for her to come into the US. I ended up moving to mexico and taking care of her there. Itw as great for awhile, even though I didn't care much for tijuana. Certain members of her family were suspicous of all the time I spend in the US working though. They were convinced I had a wife in the US too and was just playing my wife for a fool. She finally listened to them and walked out on me after an argument we had in january 2004. I moved back to the US.

    I joined match.com and met a lady there who encouraged me to follow my writing desires. I did, and wrote her a beautiful goodbye poem one day when my securities were too much. We remained just pen pals.

    In november 2004, I took part in my first national novel writing month. The event, which happens every november, involves trying to write a rough draft of a novel with at least 50,000 words. On the third of november, 2004, I met a lady online who was also taking part in the event. We had some very deep conversations and I was smitten. Then she told me that she was in an abusive relationship and that she wished she could get out. We kept talking and writing and finally fell in love. She lived in michigan and on the 19th of november, I drove from roch, minnesota to her small town in northern michigan to save her from that cretin. Even with all that excitement, I did manage to finish my 50,000 word rough draft and we celebrated. About a week later, she received a letter from her "ex." She talked me into reading it and I was more than surprised. Instead of a letter filled with hate and guilt trips, this was the most beautiful letter of love I'd ever read. I felt guilty that I'd taken this lady from such a romantic man. I ended up driving her to kentucky and she ended up back in michigan, supposedly to get some things straightened out, but almost every day she was with him. When she called me at 10:30 at night from his house on christmas eve, I broke up with her. She put me through the biggest guilt trip I'd ever experienced. She finally did admit that she had borderline personality disorder and that she was playing me.

    In february of 2005, I gave a valentine to the most beautiful woman I've ever met. I worked with her in an alzheimer's facility and we were both med-passers. I wrote my first song for her, wrote a ton of poems for her, and did everything I could think of to woo and romance her. We were talking one night about my time in mexico and my exwife and such and for some unexplicable reason, I told her that prostitution is legal in mexico. I don't know why I said it. I have no idea at all. Well she, of course, asked me if I'd ever been with one. I had to tell her yes, because I hate lying and I wanted this relationship to have a solid foundation. She was horrified and that was the beginning of the end for us.

    And, there's plenty more...

  • Junction-Guy

    Abandoned, I feel for you man. It sounds like you've had some bad luck with women. Amanda was my first true love. I didnt date many women before I met her, because I was trying so hard to find a woman that believed in God, but not churchgoing, didnt drink, etc etc etc. Back then I wasnt sure if I was gonna get baptized, so I had to find a woman that was not atheist, but didnt attend church, and one who would be accepting of me being a JW. By the time I found Amanda I had already made up my mind that I wasnt gonna get baptized, and that I would be destroyed at Armageddon, I was tired of putting my life on hold until I could make a decision to be baptized. Being raised a JW, I knew that I couldnt date a JW woman unless I was baptized, but I was also torn between dating "worldly" girls, because I knew that if I were to join the JW's that it would make lots of problems. I finally said "the hell with it" Im gonna start leading my own life. I met Amanda 3 months later, and 3 months after that we were engaged. I love Amanda, and I always will, but we just had too much stacked against us, our marriage was troubled right from the start. I dont have any desire to get married again, and will probably be single for the rest of my life.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By the way I stopped at a Whataburger in Wichita Falls back in 2005, right near the interstate, is this where you worked?

  • Abandoned

    Your Amanda sounds like my Amber. I wouldn't mind so much if we could have at least been friends, but c'est la vie.

    By the way I stopped at a Whataburger in Wichita Falls back in 2005, right near the interstate, is this where you worked?

    I worked at the one down town. It was sort of close to the freeway I guess.

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