Snappy Answers..... To Annoy Witnesses With

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    Today , as a visiting JW couple was leaving, just inside the front door.

    JW: "--well I can just feel it, the end will be soon--"

    I: " I wish you would not say that"

    Jw: " --dont you believe--"

    me: " Did not Jesus say, "at a hour that you do NOT think*--"?"

    Jw"-- yeah but--"

    I: " by you thinking , saying "soon", are you therefore not putting the end way into the future,-- ?"

    case in point I had just shown them my antique tool collection, A wooden plane and a clamp that were old ~ 100 years ago. Proof? they are shown on page 426 of the 'Proclaimers book' " The world has ended. Millions now living will never die " cirka 1918.

    WT taught "soon" then too, the end already history (1914), and coming again, soon, 1925.

    Wt should be proud of me, I encouraged that believer to not take such a long-term view of the end' by ignoring Jesus*, and I "made good use of Illustrations."

    *Math 24:44

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