How did Rutherford do it?

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  • NanaR

    "So before phasing out the heavenly "great multitude" class, Rutherford claimed that those who belong to that class are "appointed to die". No wonder people stopped taking the emblems and adopted an earthly hope as a Jonadab. Then a year later, after a Memorial had passed, Rutherford switched tables and claimed that the secondary spiritual class "appointed to die" does not exist....the Jonadabs are the "great multitude". And thus in a reversal, Rutherford wrote that "the great multitude will also survive Armageddon, because God’s promise to those who seek meekness and righteousness is that they may be hid in that time" (15 August 1935 Watchtower, p. 247)."

    Wow -- I certainly did not know about THIS switch. Thanks Leo, NanaR

  • NanaR

    "Humility may have a part to play."

    My grandmother was very meek and humble, so that is a likely reason.

    My grandfather on the other hand was exceedingly arrogant. I expect after his shenanigans he figured it would be too much to partake (he used to partake as well).

    Thanks jwfacts,


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