Who is the wild beast in Revelation??

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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hi there:

    I have been trying to figure this out, as I do believe that Revelation is written for our day. And too, that it is inspired from God. Here some thoughts about the beast that I wrote down..

    1. It has 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 diadems (as does the dragon)

    2. has blasphemous names

    3. Is like a leopard, a bear and a lion, (same as the march of the world powers in Daniel.

    4. Get's it's power from the dragon

    5. one head gets a death stroke and is healed

    6. Then people admire it, and say "Who can battle like the lamb?"

    7. It wages with the holy ones and conquers (similarly to the little horn in Dan. 7 and 8)

    8. Ones who worship it are not found in the book of life.

    9. It has authority over every tribe, people, nation and tongue

    10. People must get it's mark to buy or sell

    11. Unclean expressions come out of it's mouth @ armageddon.

    12. He was, is not, yet is present to ascend into the abyss.

    13. The 10 horns on it's head = 10 kings and will recieve authority for 1 hour. And these will battle with the Lamb and lose. They and the wild beast will destroy the harlot leaving her devestated and naked.

    14. God will put it into the 10 horn's heart to give their kingdom to the wild beast so they have one thought.

    15. Wild beast is an eighth king that springs from the seven.

    16. The harlot sits on a scarlet colored wild beast (full of blasphemous names)

    I'm thinking Washington DC...for the beast and the world's leaders for the 10 horns..

    Anybody who likes prophesy have any thoughts??


    Most Dispensationalist/Futurists believe that this refers to The Anti-Christ. Historists, believe that it is a reference to the Roman-Catholic Papacy. Preterists believe that this refers to the Ceasers of the first century. There may be other interpretations of this chapter that I am unaware of. My personal view is an amalgamation of all three of those views, hough I discount most of the Preteristic view since that view ultimately denies the second coming of Jesus.

  • mouthy

    The wt says me!!!!

  • *jeremiah*

    This whole plan in the bible is basically the forming of a one world government and one world religion eventually headed by one man who claims to be God,...the Anti-Christ.

    The details are really a moot point. For example who are the ten kings?...., who or what are the seven heads? Well, that's all speculation and guess work at this time. Some believe that the world will follow the lead of the EU's formation. The world will be divided into seven or ten sectors or superstates and ten kings will rule over them. Three of the kings will be uprooted and the one who comes forth to replace the three will be the AntiChrist. He will perform miracles and guess what?...probably even resurrect a person or two. He will deceive as many as possible including the JW's who will probably begin believing that this is Christ now ruling visibly.

    The Anti-Christ will proclaim to be God and sit in the Jew's newly built third temple. He will create a false peace amongst the Jews and Palestine,....and then, to make a long story short, Christ returns and every eye will see.

  • *jeremiah*

    Oh yeah, the Roman Catholic Church,

    some believe that she will be the "false prophet" who gives life to the Anti-Christ. Some also believe she is the Harlot who spearheads and drives the one world religion until the seven headed- ten horned beast destroys her when she is no longer of use.

    Keep an eye on the RCC and decide for yourself what heck she's doing.

    Pope Benedict XVI



    Rome, 7 Dec. (AKI) - Pope Benedict XVI's moment of prayer at Istanbul's Blue Mosque last week has opened up a "new horizon in interreligious dialogue" according to a top Italian Roman Catholic cleric, Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia. "For the first time a Pope appealed to God in a Mosque. Not even Pope John Paul II did it in the Damascus Mosque," Paglia said referring to the 2001 visit to Syria by Benedict's predecessor.

    Paglia, who heads the Italian Bishop Conference's interreligious dialogue commission and is bishop of the central Italian town of Terni, made the remarks in an inteview published Thurday on the Rome-based daily Il Messaggero.

    Benedict, before his election as pope in April 2005 and as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger spoke out against what he called "relativism" - the trend to regard all religions as essentially equal - a conviction that according to Paglia has not wavered despite the pope's prayer in the mosque accompanied by Turkey's Muslim Grand Mufti.

    "There is no contradiction and no concession to relativism and confusion. Interreligious dialogue must progress along well defined parallel paths without any space for syncretism

    "The Pope did not pray together with the Mufti, but turning towards the East he prayed next to the Mufti and not in the same manner", Paglia explained.

    "That of standing side-by-side represents how followers of different faiths can stand next to each other in prayer, which is the most pure act in any religion, and together can renew fraternity, peace and forgiveness. Those few minutes are the defeat of conflict between religions."

    Paglia also dismissed the view expressed by some observers that Benedict's conciliatory stance in Turkey was aimed at rectifying the anti-Islamic interpretation given to a speech made in Germany in September.

    "I wouldn't say so. With regards to the speech at the German university whe has gone to the hear of the matter. No change of view then. During this trip [to Turkey] all the things the Pope has said before have found their full meaning," Paglia concluded.

  • rekless

    With your point #6, I'd say it was the UN. Why, because whenever they are requested to go into a country and settled a distrubance they stat blaaing like a heard of sheep. Have you ever seen fighting in a heard of sheep...no they are paciface not a fighting dominant animal; therefore, who can fight like the lamb? The answer is the UN.

    the lamb is not capitalized so it must not be Jesus eventhough he was called the lamb of God.

  • daystar

    If I were the dragon, or the great beast, here is what I would do:

    Knowing that so many people look for signs from Revelations, I'd make them happen. And I'd set up my "anti-christ" patsy.

    Once he was in place and fulfilled all these prophecies as being the "anti-christ", I'd send out the real deal, pretending to be the Christ, to confront and overthrow this "false" anti-christ.

    "But God wouldn't let that happen!" Wouldn't he now? Wouldn't he?

    Hmm... maybe Christians should keep God's plans a secret so Satan doesn't use them to his own ends? Just a suggestion.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The wild beast is identified by the name it carries- 666.
    I tried to find a reference that proves this, but this is the best I can
    come up with- The Beast is AIDS, it spreads all over the beast-like
    governments, and the end of this system actually came in 1995.

    The organization didn't notice it, because it was invisible. They
    abandoned their faith, and came out with their "THIS GENERATION"
    crap. We are currently in the middle of the long war of Armageddon,
    but soon it will end.

    Here's the only proof I have that I am correct. It should be enough,
    though, because F. Franz published many things with less proof.


    g97 7/8p. 28 Watching the World***


    Diseases in Australia

    "The number of Australians dying from AIDS-related illnesses has dropped for the first time since records were kept on the virus," reports the HeraldSun of Melbourne. Based on recently released data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the findings show that 666 persons died in 1995 as a result of AIDS—a 13-percent drop.


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Here are some of our thoughts so far..

    Me: Washington DC with the 10 horns as the kings of the nations

    mouthy : WT thinks it's her

    XJW4ever : Antichrist, Catholic Papacy, ceasars of the 1st century or all of the above

    Jeremiah : a new antichrist

    rekless : UN

    daystar : an antichrist overthrown by the real antichrist

    on the way out : aids

    Good ones...this is interesting to me..

  • lovelylil


    The beast was Rome in John's day. No one knows who/what the beast represents in the end times. It is a type of New World Power controling all relgion, politics and commerce. It was entice the world to take its mark and wage war against the holy ones (the Church) who refuse its mark. It has not revealed itself yet so we cannot say for sure.

    I agree with Jeremiah on that part. Remember that the Beast is not a literal Beast, the book of Revelation is written in symbolisms. "beast" refers to the beastlike characteristics of this entity. Lilly

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