When you tell "worldly" people about life as a dub...

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  • LisaRose

    I told someone at work that I used to be a JW. I later heard back from someone else that i used to be Amish! Most people seem a little uncomfortable with it, like they think I'm a little wacko even though I'm not one anymore. But I'm not going to pretend that it never happened. It's part of my past, I've moved on and learned better, but its part of what I am now.

  • HappyDad

    A few years ago, whenever I met someone (non JW's) I knew, one of the first things out of my mouth was about no longer being a dub. There were some people that I phoned to tell them. Then there were the recent times....the conversations with Pastors from several churches......about how controlling the dub religion is and my story of breaking free from the bondage to an organization (can you say cult).


    Only those who are ex dubs can fully understand what it was about. No one else doea! Oh, they might be happy for you because all they know is the the JW's are a kooky religion with a bunch of nut cases that don't celebrate holidays and such.

    So now I don't say much at all unless I am asked. Guess I'm over it all! Not having any family in is a big plus for me.


  • PaulJ

    People I tell are usually fascinated. I probably have a lower opinion of JW's now they they ever have.

  • bigmouth

    I only openly told people I had been a dub about a year ago. Without exception, they were little more than vaguely interested.

    After 70 odd years of preaching, the 'world' cares less about 'Gods Representatives' than they ever did.

    It's ME that gets angry with ME for being so thoroughly fooled.

  • Honesty

    When you tell "worldly" people about life as a dub...

    Most of them just tell me they don't like discussing cults.

  • exwitless

    How many of you have had to tell everyone you work with (who have only known you to be a Dub) that suddenly you're no longer a Dub? That's the situation I'm in right now. I DA'd in September after being a Dub for 14 years. I've worked at my present job 6 1/2 years, so they've only known me to be a Dub. I was never a "good" witness-I virtually NEVER witnessed to my workmates, probably because (in retrospect) I was embarrassed to be a JW, an almost unforgivable sin in JW land. So they all knew I was a JW and that I didn't ever celebrate holidays or birthdays. This year is my first Christmas in 14 years, and I am coming to the office Christmas party. Imagine the shock on their faces when I said I was coming. I haven't had time to really explain things to any of them except for my boss, who is very understanding and sympathetic. I agree that most people can't possibly understand or relate to what we've been through, unless they've actually been there. That's why I enjoy posting here so much.

  • Junction-Guy

    Other than the internet, I only started telling people in real life about 3 years ago that I was a former JW. I always felt a sense of embarrassment. Now I look for opportunities. Most people I find to be supportive, a few will look at me suspicious, like Im making it up or that it wasnt really that bad. Only an XJW would really know what it's like. I have given alot of good anti-witnesses a work. Every now and then someone new might come along and say "man your crazy" lol or "man you're weird" Then one of the old timers at work will say "just look over him, he was raised in the JW cult", and then they will say "oops man, sorry to hear that". Most people are understanding.

  • Junction-Guy

    There was this "moody' woman at work who tried to embarass me once, she was talking about something that I didnt know anything about, and then she said to me very loudly "we're you raised in a vacuum?" I said "No, I was raised a JW", she then said, "well that explains it"

  • truthsearcher

    Well guys, I am I guess what you would call a "wordly" person, (although I am a Christian and I am definitely not what we would call "wordly"!) . I want to take this opportunity to say that I do care what you have gone through, and I know of others who would be very concerned and caring. It is because we see the darkness and the bondage and the hopelessness of the cult. I even find myself crying when I hear people's stories, because it is so WRONG! Many of you have turned away from having any faith at all because of these wolves, and many lives are still full of pain and suffering because of shunning and mind control issues. Perhaps it is because my mother's family were in a cult (not JW) and she was shunned until I was 8 because of marrying outside the cult. This tore her apart--and their marriage and her life almost did not survive. I remember crying in the bathroom at school because of what was happening at home. I'm sure this puts me in a different boat that the average person, but I know that there would be Christians like myself who would be very supportive of helping you however we could...

  • outoftheorg

    You are a good person Truthsearcher. "Don't know if you are male or female" so I used person.

    We could do with a few more like you on this forum. Although I no longer have any use for

    "organized" religion I appreciate your efforts here.


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