Do Jehovah's Witnesses crave an 'Amish Paradise'?

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  • Gill

    From as long as I remember the Watchtower Society has painted an idyllic rural scene for their future existence on the planet earth, free from the non Jehovah servers that live now.

    My mother regularly talks about her 'little donkey and cart' that she's going to own in the 'New System of things'.

    So do the Jehovah's Witnesses dream of living in an 'Amish Paradise' minus the Amish, of course?

    Do they have any idea what kind of nightmare existence that entails, especially adding on top of that five meetings a week, continuing FS, studying etc?

  • Crumpet

    I'm not sure - i do remember I used to think how was I going to survive forever without a television - it filled me with morbid dread.

  • Gill

    Hi Crumpet! Yes! I agree! Imagine No Television. Even if there was TV does it bear thinking about the kind of programmes the WTBTS would be producing!?

    Regular reruns of the crappy videos and perhaps, joy of joys, film releases of the Dramas from the District Conventions!

    Shoot me now!

  • crazyblondeb

    That would mean they would have to do alot of physical work, which I don't see them doing. I think they think their little gardens, and playing with the animals is gonna be enough. Oh, and picking fruit off trees.

    Who's going to make the plastic for all that lawn furniture, and balls that we see in the mags?? What about all the awful clothes that they are pictured with? Not to mention, all the "cleaning" that will need to be done from the "destruction".

  • nelly136

    i used to dream of having lots of horses, it never occurred to me that one end bites the other end kicks and i know jack shit about taking care of one let alone a field full.

    if armageddon is sooo close why havn't they been running survival training for the last century to prepare? i knew a lot of window cleaners as a dub but i didnt know many gardeners/farmers.

    at least they'll be able to quick build..... can pop round to jewsons and do a bit o looting.

  • Jim_TX

    I don't think that they've really thought that one through...

    I remember seeing programs on the telly where they put this family in a situation where they are living like folks did 100 years ago. The folks had to learn all sorts of 'new skills' in order to compensate for the lack of what we have today.

    As for the Amish - I recently visited friends in Missouri - and there is an Amish community nearby that we got to go to. They had a grocery store where I bought some items from.

    The Amish do not use modern amenities that we take for granted. Electricity, piped-in water, sewer systems, etc.

    Imagine not having a light switch that you can flip on and have 'instant' light. They still use kerosene lamps. They still use horse-drawn buggies.

    Lots of manual labor involved in their daily lives. While it may sound romantic... that only lasts for 5 minutes - then the stark reality sets in that the day is going to be filled with more work than you've seen in a long time.

    Nope. THE JW's haven't thought that one through. Not at all.


    Jim TX

  • Gill

    Perhaps it wouldn't take long for there to be a second rebellion in Paradise!

  • Stephanus

    The men are always doing "barn-raisings" - building wooden houses (and Kingdom Halls!) - in those pics of paradise. Who operates the sawmills that make those fresh timber planks? And do they have any idea how hard it is to make the panes of glass that all those houses (Halls) seem to sport?

  • CaptainSchmideo

    I'm not sure - i do remember I used to think how was I going to survive forever without a television - it filled me with morbid dread.

    "There is no television in Heaven. (There is, however, television in Hell!)." - Matt Groening

  • pobthespazz

    Sounds stupid , but my vision of paradise was owning an inter galatic burger bar

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