What's your favourite food style?

by kwintestal 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • kwintestal

    I've been really into Indian lately myself, but went to a decent Jamacian restaurant the other day.

    The reason I'm asking is because my wife and I decided that once a week we're going to try making something totally different together, kind of a way to spend time together and at the same time eating awesome food (if it turns out) other then going to a restaurant. I'm kind of looking for different ideas of what to make.


  • bernadette

    I love Greek food - lots lof lemon, mint and garlic to marinate.

    Morroccan too - cumin, apricots and nuts with couscous - delicious.


  • twinkletoes

    My husband's favourite meal is chicken dhansack (Indian) and he's been trying to get a good authentic recipe for 40 years !

    As an ex-refrigeration engineer, he's even worked in a couple of indian kitchen as a swap for the recipe, but no success, they keep it well guarded, He must have 100 cookery books !!!!

    I love Italian food, (I'm veggie and pasta with a really good sauce can be so good)


  • restrangled


    I too love to experiment with different foods. Coming from Chicago, we always had almost too much to pick from.

    My favorites are Greek, ....and I have fantastic recipes, Mexican, and German. If you need recipes, PM me and I will send anything you want. (All tested and family favorites)


  • jaguarbass

    kwintestal, that sounds like a great idea. I like jambalaya with chicken shrimp sauage and rice. Its cagun food from louisiana. Also its spicy. Good luck in making all your meals.

  • Junction-Guy

    I like many different varieties of food--Chinese, Mexican, Cajun, BBQ,Italian. Indian food is tricky, sometimes I go away from the restaurant feeling really good, and then the next time I eat it it makes me wanna gag. I like chicken tikka and tandoora. I really love seafood too, and if you ever get to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, you will find enormous seafood buffets there. Dave

  • PaulJ

    Indian, I love a really good curry. And chicken dhanzak is by far my favourite- twinkletoes, the Indian in the little town I live in does an AMAZING dhanzak- out of this world.

  • serendipity

    I love Thai!

  • Elsewhere


  • ttbeachbum

    I love to cook Italian; I love Tex/Mex (bbq and spices); I like cook a variety of fresh caught seafood on the grill; I am learning the 'art' of stir fry;

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