JWs in world politics: Jehovah's Witnesses Are "Politically" Neutral - NOT

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  • Atlantis

    What does the Watchtower help to promote by participating with the OSCE? http://www.state.gov/p/eur/rls/rpt/2004/31935.htm U.S. Interests in the OSCE

    U.S. participation in the OSCE advances America’s national interest in promoting democracy, strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, arms control, economic prosperity, and sustainable environmental policies. The OSCE also has a role to play in helpingto win the global war against terrorism. The organization is a vehicle for the “effective multilateralism” of which President Bush spoke last November in London. Taking action together with other countries through the OSCE is effective because it allows the United States to sharecosts and political responsibility, as well as to coordinate and avoid duplication, with like-minded nations.

    The OSCE’s common principles give the U.S. and other OSCE participating states shared values and commitments on which to act. From mediating regional conflicts to addressing human rights violations, the OSCE can bring the weight of 55 nations acting together to bear on problems that the U.S. cannot solve alone. All participating states in the OSCE have made public commitments to democracy and human rights, market economics, and political-military security policies that promote greater regional stability. In the post-Communist era, the OSCE has made a significant contribution toward achieving America’s goal of a Europe whole, free and at peace. To achieve fully a democratic, prosperous and secure Euro-Atlantic area from Vancouver to Vladivostok, there is still clearly more to do. The OSCE can build on its experience to help reach that goal, with U.S. support and guidance.

    Now what is the Watchtower's definition of IDOLATRY? This is bit more than being a member of the YMCA, wouldn't you say?

    Have you noticed some of those key words? Words such as:




    Public commitments!

    Political responsibility!

    And the OSCE helping to win the global war on terrorism!

    The entire list of key words are exactly what the Watchtower commands their members TO HAVE NO ASSOCIATION with, or to have NO PART of!

    Cheers! Atlantis-

  • Atlantis

    The Awake magazine certainly doesn't mind advertising the objectives of the OSCE! Awake-1997-August-22nd-p.31 http://x5.freeshare.us/view/?126fs1126875.jpg Cheers! Atlantis-

  • M.J.
    In Finland representative of JW's has taken part in law-making process. He has been a member of a committee founded by Ministry of Education. The committee has duty to "produce a proposition for new Religious Freedom Act". If that is not meddling into politics -- then what is?

    Observer--very interesting. Do you have access to any documentation demonstrating this? Can you post it, perhaps on a new thread?

  • observer
    Observer--very interesting. Do you have access to any documentation demonstrating this? Can you post it, perhaps on a new thread?

    Yes, it is all documented on site owned by Finland's government. But I guess it is no use for you english-speaking people because it is all in finnish.
    But in case if someone is interested:
    "The government’s register on projects and legal preparatory documents of the Finnish Government is both a tool for the authorities and a public information service for citizens. It includes all public projects launched by the Government, the Parliament or the ministries. The register makes it easier to get information on and to monitor and evaluate the different projects of the ministries."
    On that site it can be found that Veikko Leinonen, spokesman of Jehovah's Witnesses is listed as consultant member in the Committee of Religious Freedom which is a committee under Ministry of Education.

  • jayhawk1

    This thread proves nothing!

    Clearly Watchtower was there for the library books.

  • Mary
    This thread proves nothing! Clearly Watchtower was there for the library books.

    Or maybe they just stopped by for coffee and donuts while out preaching one morning.

  • M.J.

    I thought about this a bit. It seems that some people are not opposed to the WTS sticking up for its own rights.

    I agree that there is probably a line somewhere between political involvement centered on an entities' immediate self-interest and that which aims to broadly shape public policy. But the WTS makes no such distinction. All political involvement is condemned. Which is a hypocritical stance in light of their own actions.

  • chasson

    If you tape "jehovah" in the search engine of the OSCE website , you will see that JW were here to complain about religious politic of Russia, Kazhakstan and France.

    Look at their statement for France for example.



  • heathen

    Can't wait to see their dogma on this one.

  • proplog2


    In other words, they leave all the dirty work to "worldly" people while they sit back and take full advantage of the benefits.

    So which wars would Chirst fight? And on which side?

    You don't have to be a JW to be against war.

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