My Work Was Stolen!

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  • lovelylil

    Hi everyone,

    I am finished trying to argue with my friend. I am calling everyone I know and telling them to beware with this guy. And not to give him any of their work. It is so silly really because he could have asked me and I would have given him permission to print the article anyway. And the thing is, I did research for him before for his magazine when it was just taking off and now he rewards me by taking my paper and putting his own name on it.

    I told him not to call me as I am not helping him any more. He did me a favor because another friend asked me to write some articles for an upcoming website about the WT. Can anyone guess who? Not that I am telling anyway. You will just have to wait and see.

    As far as the WT I really do not remember their interpretation of the transfiguration. Maybe someone with the WT CD ROM can post it for us? I'll start another thread for this discussion, Lilly

  • OuterBanks NC
    OuterBanks NC

    My it seems like you need your ego stroked more than spreading the good news about Jesus. I think you need some lessons in humility. In the big picture what does it matter. If "your" words help someone else find Jesus as savior, isn't that more important? I believe Jesus would council you on your ego. May peace be with you sister.

  • lovelylil


    I think you are missing the point. This person promised he would not reproduce my writings in any way and only wanted to read it for his own information. I don't think it is an ego thing to have your name attached onto your original writings for if it were than all the bible writers themselves would be in error. For they all stated in their opening pages that they were the authors of what was being read!

    Why didn't Paul who wrote the most letters to the early church just leave his name off and pass them around anyway? Are you saying he needed his ego stroked?

    My writings that are based on the bible are freely passed around to all Christians who wish to read them. This work I do is totally free, I don't ask for any donations at all. Unlike my friend who does ask for donations to keep his magazine in business. I am only asking if you put any of my work whether it be research or articles into a magazine that goes out to the public that you use my name on it. I don't see how that is stroking my ego.

    But if you say so, thats o.k. too. And maybe after Jesus gives me council he can council my friend for stealing. Peace, Lilly

  • OuterBanks NC
    OuterBanks NC

    I highly doubt your writings are as significant as Paul's, but nonetheless, I'd say let it be, don't worry about it, and just not share your writings with him in the future. And yes Jesus will deal with your friend "stealing" in due time.

  • Effervescent

    So sorry this happened to you Lil, It's always a shock to a trusting person to run up against such blantant dishonesty.

    And NO, this isn't about ego. This is about intellectual property and someone dishonestly taking credit and reaping benefits from someone else's hard work. It's not about the subject matter whatsoever (or spreading the news), it's the morality of the issue... and actions by someone who it sounds like is in a leadership position and should know better.

    He's grasping at straws trying to make excuses for himself and his laziness. Shame on him.

  • SPAZnik

    I believe Outerbanks NC is an idiot.

  • Quentin
    I believe Outer banks NC is an idiot.

    Perhaps he's a thief as well... The issue is a moral issue...not what was written, nor whose name goes on the bottom line, nor whose ego gets stroked. The friend is a thief...they stole...then took credit for what they stole....that's double dipping. A thief is a thief is a thief...period. If they stoop to stealing one thing, they'll steal anything....

  • betterdaze

    ***I am calling everyone I know and telling them to beware with this guy. And not to give him any of their work.***

    Careful, lovelylil! If this guy is enough of a lowlife to deceive you, then take credit for your work, he's enough of a lowlife to whip around and sue you for slander.

    Happened to my aunt. She thought she was doing others a favor by warning them of some guy's shady business practices. It didn't not matter that what she stated was truthful. He was able to prove in court that her warnings caused his business to drop off, and that was it.

    Murphy's Law: No good deed goes unpunished!

    Why not ask him to print a retraction? All he has to do in the next issue is state that the "wrong byline appeared with the article due to a production problem." And, of course, that YOU are the author.


  • tetrapod.sapien

    isn't plagarism and misrepresentation how a bunch of the bible was written anyways? (think gospels. think pentateuch.)

    but ya, that is stealing. and stealing is bad. the bible says that god told moses to say that, and write that, but scholars are not so sure! mwa ha ha! it might have been a woman. lol! hey! karma!

    well, (sigh), i say, time to open a can of that yahweh's old tyme whoop-ass on your "friend". (ahem)


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