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  • mariposa

    It appears we will be visiting NYC from about the 16th of Dec. for a week or so. We are going to see some long lost friends of my husband in Queens and I'm sure they'll show us around, but there's also going to be alot of drinking and catching up between them and I'll have quite a bit of free time on my hands. I don't know if we're going to stay with them or not, I've been checking on Craigslist for an apt or something we could rent. I've never been there before and I have some questions.

    1- We are driving our 4-door tundra truck. I don't want to drive it around the city because I've heard horror stories about NYC drivers, but getting in and out of Queens or other areas, is it hard to do with a larger vehicle?

    2- What are some other areas that are safe to stay? And what do cab fares/ subway fares run to get into the city?

    3- I've got a 17-month old who will be going everywhere with me. Should I take a stroller or would a backpack type holder be better?

    4- Are there playgrounds in Central Park? Are there any indoor playgrounds anywhere? My little rugrat is going to get tired of just walking around and want to run and be free...

    I'm got more I'll add later. I'd love to meet up with any of you guys who live'll give me an excuse to get away from long conversations about people I don't even know!!!! Thanks so much!!!


    In General NYC is a safe place to say, of course it has its seedy, run, down, crack, prostitution areas like any large metropolitan area does.

    Staying in Manhattan can be expensive and a Tundra in Manhattan might be a challenge if you arent used to driving there.

    Subways are to me the best way to get around and single fairs are $2.00 or you can purchase a weekly pass or a day pass here is the site with that info

    You may decide that taking a cab with a todler is better and worth the higher cost and those fairs just went up so I cant recall what they are since I seldom take cabs. There are playgrounds in central park, places to just sit in the grass and relax if you want, there is also a zoo so there are things for kids to enjoy. If I think of anything else I'll PM you.

  • lovelylil

    Hi there,

    I was born and lived in NY until I got married 15 years ago. My sister and brother still live in Queens so I visit a lot. A large car may be a problem not for parking but many people double park due to shortage of parking spaces. Also if you are bringing a baby a stroller is a must! I know because I visited often when my two were little. I have not been to central park for a long time so I don't remember if it had a playground for the kids. I think it is more of a walking/jogging park. What part of Queens will you be in, my family lives in Ridgewood but I have lived in Woodhaven, Glendale and Astoria. Lilly

  • jrjr4189

    In Manhattan, whenever possible use the subway. The traffic is insane.

    As for Queens, driving around most parts of Queens shouldn't be too difficult for you. '

  • lovelylil

    My point with driving in Queens which I did not complete is this, you can park a tundra in Queens but may have trouble driving around double parked cars.

    As far as Manhatten - you WILL have trouble driving such a large vehicle there. So take a cab or the subway.

    Sorry about my last post, sometimes I know what I am going to say but leave some words out. Lilly

  • mariposa

    Thanks for the info. I don't know where in queens his friends are...i'll find out.

    For the subway, do you have to buy a separate ticket for a baby?

    Where else around NYC would be good to stay since we're driving up? I really want to stay closer to manhatten, but I don't want to drive the truck anywhere where I'm going to regret it!

    And I guess I should ask....what are your favorite things to do there? Everyplace I look, it's like there's millions of things to do and I can't do them all!!!

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    Hotel option: Holiday Inn Express - Midtown Tunnel.

    Just off 495 (the Long Island Expy) in Queens this smaller property is clean and comfortable and pretty reasonable (about $110 a night this past summer). I stay there when on business in Brooklyn. Easy access to the highway, parking (although limited- you can find some street parking for your Toyota Ark). No pool. Breakfast is served daily, but its just a decent Continental spread.

    About 2 blocks from the subway to Manhattan. This hotel has an elevator (3 floors), but there are several steps DOWN to the main floor from street level. The FRONT entrance has a lift for stroller or wheelchairs.

    All the best for your visit.

  • lovelylil

    Babies are free on the subway. Lilly

  • stillajwexelder

    Well they are so welcoming why not stop in Brooklyn with the Watchtower!!

  • mariposa

    I already thought about that...stilla. I just don't think I could stomach it!!!

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