Do elders commit perjury

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  • AudeSapere

    Forgot to add -

    When in court, what most would call 'perjury', the society calls 'theocratic warfareâ„¢'.



    many thanks for the video Audesapere. We must have missed it first time round. We found it very very interesting, do you know what the outcome of that case was?

    In view of the fact that there have been many more newbies on this site since March 06, we would like to put the link here for others to quickly find it.


  • OnTheWayOut

    In one word: Yes. Keep this in mind, though.
    Most elders convince themselves that they are telling truths in a way that
    will accomplish their goals. This means that they "spin" the truth just like
    politicians do, to make the truth into a lie.

    I probably would have answered differently a few months ago. I would have
    said that the elders use the truth that is available to them. I have read so many
    experiences since then, where charges of apostasy included "Starting your own
    religion." This was usually based on simply talking to others or ever having a
    gathering of like-minded people (as few as 2). This is pretty clear evidence that
    they will "spin" to their own advantage, any situation where they want to DF
    someone. It also appears that 2 elders will talk to someone, then later "spin"
    his words to DF him, the same 2 people who promised to help the publisher.


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