When Will It End???

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  • Alleymom
    What do you do in a case like this when he won't go get checked?

    You call 911. Immediately. It's essential to receive treatment as soon as possible if it is a stroke.

    Please don't wait till tomorrow to seek medical advice. This was totally abnormal. Something is wrong.


  • uwishufish

    Went through the stroke thing with my dad. The brain doc said there is a 3 hr window after the stroke for clot busting drugs to be administered. He lost his total left side, with in the 3 hrs he recovered the left side then his right side showed weekness now a full recovery. he's 77

  • Undecided

    There are a few things you can ask a person to do that will identify a stroke. My wife asked him to do these things and he passed the test OK. We will check today and see how he is doing.

    Ken P.

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