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  • spectromize

    Dear, Seven of nine,

    If you want to talk about your experience feel free and we will try to be understanding. But I'm sure you already know what the organization teaches on the speaking of tongues and the pressure you could be put under. However if you want help, I will try to help, and you need not feel guilty.

  • spectromize

    Dear seven of nine,

    Feel free to express yourself on any subject. We'll see if we can be of any assistance. I must say you throw quite a curve ball as far as speaking in tongues, it's the first time I ever heard someone associated with the org. that has had a problem as this.

  • Simon

    Anyone care to enlighten me on what *exactly* speaking in tongues means ?
    I must have read the expression hundreds of times but I've never really though about what it actually means.

  • Seven

    Hello Everyone!

    I did not intend to post on the topic of baptism and my speaking in tongues and then run from the forum. I was more ill than I thought and had to be hospitalized. I was released this afternoon and
    just fired up the computer to see what I've missed out on. It turns out to be alot.

    Simon,to simplify my experience, when I was baptised I received the gift of tongues when I came up out of the water. This term is generally used to describe the uttering of unintelligible, estatic speech when praying-derived from the first
    Pentecost. The "tongues of angels," as I heard it referred to as a child.

    Very fortunate for me I have never exhibited this in front of fellow Witnesses. I have carried this
    secret locked within me for many years; and also the guilt. What I once thought to be a beautiful gift of the holy spirit is something entirely different to me as a Witness.

    As you all can plainly see I have a real problem here. Do I pray to Jehovah to take this gift back?
    I never believed I was doing something displeasing
    to him.

    I would like to continue this discussion. Spectromize, Ben, Simon and all, thank you for being so understanding.

    your friend,

  • Simon

    Thanks for the info Seven, as I said it's not something that I've ever come across before.
    I presume it's not that common...or at least not common here in the UK ?
    I hope your hospital visit wasn't too serious BTW and that you're feeling better !

  • Frenchy

    Hello, Seven, I'm happy to hear that you're getting better. Hospital, huh? That must have been real serious. Well, welcome back, hon.

    I come from an area where 'speaking in tongues' is not uncommon. There are a lot of Pentecostals, and even some Baptists that subscribe to that. While the Penecostals openly practice and advocate this, the Baptists are not too happy (as a whole) about their members practicing this.

    How do you feel when this is going on, when you are under this -what?- influence? What are you saying when you are speaking in these 'tongues'? Are you aware of what you are doing when it is happening? What, if anything, prompts this action? I'm assuming that it still happens from time to time even though you are now a witness.

  • Seven

    Frenchy & Simon,

    I just completed a very long reply to your questions only to have an error in typing my password cause me to lose the entire thing when I pressed the back button. :( !!!!!!!!!

    I am totally exhausted now and will attempt to rewrite my post later on this evening. This just isn't my day!! I need a nap.


  • Simon

    Oh no...I'm really sorry about that.
    I'll have a look to see if I can improve the posting system to let you retry incorrect password without losing the post.
    Take care!

  • Seven

    Dear Frenchy, Simon, and spectromize,

    Thank you, brothers for your get well wishes! :)

    I will attempt to answer your questions concerning
    my speaking in tongues as openly and honestly as I can. I don't wish to offend anyone knowing that
    this goes against what we as Jehovah's Witnesses

    How do I feel when this is going on-when I am under the influence? Praising Jehovah in the tongues of angels and to actually feel his presence is indescribable. This is by no means merely an emotional high. I did not seek out this
    gift, it was given to me. I hardly feel superior to my brothers and sisters because of it. There is
    not one other experience I as a human being can duplicate to achieve this inner warmth-this joy.

    I am at all times aware of what is going on and what I am doing when I am praying in the spirit.
    I can hear what I'm saying. It is quite beautiful.
    The words or sounds as I prefer to call them have a musical quality to them unlike languages we are
    accustomed to hearing. At least that is the way it
    is for me. I can start and stop at will. Now, would I be able to control this if it were demonic
    in origin? I don't think so. It is difficult explaining what it is but I know what it is not. It is not "the vain repetitions the heathen do" referred to in Matt 6:7.

    What prompts this action-for me it is merely "letting go" and allowing the holy spirit direct communication with Jehovah. I only do this when praying in private. I've always known better than
    to let go if front of fellow witnesses. My parents
    are more insistant now that I cease this activity
    and accept counseling. Oh, that's a good one. On
    my own, for many years I have searched the scriptures for answers to my unique situation and have found none to be conclusive.

    Maybe it was unwise of me to speak freely on this
    matter in this forum. It is not my intent to cause
    dissent or to stumble anyone, but many of our faith on the net don't see it that way. I have no
    hidden agenda. I was recently asked never to return to a certain chat room if I couldn't keep these thoughts to myself. I was deeply hurt and don't wish to repeat that anytime soon.

    your friend,

  • RedhorseWoman

    I think that there are many "gifts" given to us,or perhaps just abilities that we as humans have naturally to one degree or another.

    I've never had experience with tongues, but throughout my life, I've had premonitions, and sometimes dreams about events. For the longest time I felt a lot of guilt and tried to suppress these things. I knew that I was not dabbling in anything occult, but the "gifts" continued.

    I've finally learned that this is just part of who I am, and certain things...such as "healing touch" can be of great benefit.

    I don't advertise, but I accept who I am and am thankful for these abilities for the first time in my life.

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