Child Abuse must be getting out of hand if they're addressing it...

by thedepressedsoul 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • brandnew
    THAT WOULD BE A BIG.....10 - 4
  • cappytan
    Reading how JW are spinning this on FB is making me sick. They are honestly viewing these pedophile cases as persecution.

    thedepressedsoul: Any links to JW spin? Just curious. I don't know many JWs that actually know about these cases or actually talk about them.

  • Heaven
    Psychopaths have these types of traits... pathologically lying, blaming others, and not accepting responsibility.
  • thedepressedsoul

    Read through all the comments. There is so much crap about Jehovah's day coming, persecution, apostates, media spinning and lies.

  • Vidiot

    StarTrekAngel - "I think they are seeing the writing on the wall and preparing the flock for the inevitable mass media coverage that will eventually happen. I have been wondering if all that is pending is the final judgment in the appeals of the Conti case before the media takes on it, being that this is the first case to ever see trial."

    Nailed it.

    Damage control, through and through.

    StarTrekAngel - "This is why they are changing the definition of Gog of Magog. A media 'attack' on the org would be the first visible signs of the "attack" and would drive those who have been eagerly awaiting for a sign, to dig deeper into their indoctrination."

    Ah, good catch; you might be on to something, there.

    I have to admit, casting the mainstream media as Gog/Magog is pretty clever on their part; a lot of JWs are already primed to think that way thanks to their inherent conservatism.

    Wait... would that mean that "Gog" is Fox News, and therefore "Magog" is Rupert Murdoch? 'Cause I could actually get behind that.

  • thedepressedsoul

    Man if they try to take my nightly news from me I'm going to be pissed. Next thing you know watching the news will be the same thing as watching apostate material.

  • steve2

    I had once wondered if media attention and court cases would compel the organization to suddenly get "new light" on the egregious two-witness rule. It should not be hard for Watchtower writers to lovingly explain any new arrangement:

    Here's my prediction of what could still appear in the literature in the next 5 years:

    "In recent times, Jehovah's people sincerely believed that the two-witness rule was the primary way of ensuring all in the congregation were spared from unfounded allegations.

    However, Jehovah holds His people to a continuing higher standard as we go deeper into this time of the end. Jehovah values each one of His people, from very small to very old. He has patiently and lovingly guided them to see that the two-witness rule has a limited place in the congregation. He exacts a higher standard that His people are now compelled to follow.

    Therefore, each body of elders is required to meet with the CO to determine, case by case, whether to pursue situations in which one individual in the congregation, especially anyone of younger age, has alleged improper conduct by another, and if need be, refer the matter to the appropriate secular authorities - even in the absence of more than one witness. Jehovah has helped his people see that child abuse often occurs in isolation and by its very nature, is seldom experienced by more than one victim at a time."

  • little_Socrates

    "I'm just defending our Sovereign!"

    As if the Sovereign God of the universe needs defending LOL!

  • thedepressedsoul

    I agree Steve but that will be in a private elder letter and never read or printed for the average JW.

    You also made them sound to apologetic, we all know how they really view themselves ;-)

  • brandnew
    Governing Body are starting to sweat, actually SHIT IN THEIR PANTS! !

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