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    Here's their response:

    We’ve received your e-mail request to air our story on Frederick (Rick) McClean. I can assure you that a story is in the works, and we will be getting back to you soon with an air date.

    Many thanks for your interest in America’s Most Wanted and for your message.

    Like you, we want Frederick McClean stopped.

    B est to you,

    Van K.

    Sr. Producer // West Coast Bureau Chief

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    This needs another round of calls and letters to push it over the top!

    Thanks for your help.... (see below, or the first post here..)

    Over a month ago, AMW filmed several of Rick McLean's victims who were victimized while he served in authority in a number of JW congregations in and around San Diego, California.

    McLean found victims thru his involvement in JW congregations, and kept many quiet for YEARS by intimidation/ 'no one will believe you'.

    The episode is 'in the can', and McLean, who fled when he learned he would be arrested, is on the loose.You can BET he is molesting some child presently; he is a lifetime molester.

    Please contact AMR at one of these email addresses or tele number, and ask that this episode be aired.

    [email protected]



    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Please be respectful but firm.

    Feel free to post this elsewhere...

    Kimberlee D. Norris

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  • stillconcerned

    As well:

    Someone who is skilled at such things, can you post this on the 'child abuse' segment of the forum?

    And,,,, please repost this on other ex-JW web sites.


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    Someone who is skilled at such things, can you post this on the 'child abuse' segment of the forum?

    Done! And thanks for all your hard work stillconcerned on behalf of so many, (too many!).

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    Does anyone know if this perp is still on the lam????

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