Tight Pants Tony's wife wore a Sophia & Caleb Badge out Witnessing

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  • Listener

    In the February JW broadcasting they show Anthony Morris the III out witnessing with his wife during a convention. She is wearing the convention badge and also a Badge with Sophia & Caleb on it. I find it very amusing and she is not even a grandmother even though they like to portray AM as a grandfather.

    Here's what their 1990 W 12/1 says about Movie Stars

    The homage that charismatic sports stars, movie stars, and other entertainers receive from their fans also is akin to worship.

    The dictionary meaning of homage is "special honour or respect shown publicly"

    It is at 23.20 in the video, sorry I don't know how to post a clip of the video but here's a link to the video


    It does prove that the GB do sanction all these pins and badges.

  • sparrowdown

    Oh boy, let the merchandising begin.

    What's next Bible character action figures.

  • kairos

    Think of all those that will imitate their faith!! ( gag )

  • Listener
    Thanks for posting a snapshot of it. I had read on JW Talk that she was wearing the badge but I couldn't believe it until I saw it myself.
  • 88JM
    What's next Bible character action figures.

    Or even governing body action figures?

  • WingCommander

    Pffffhttt! Like the GB really go out "preaching" in the field ministry anymore? Give me a break! Also, she looks like a beat down broke dog!!!! I bet her ass is dragging from all of those years working down in Laundry while AMIII gets to sit up in his Ivory Tower making new decrees and barking orders!

  • cappytan
    Pffffhttt! Like the GB really go out "preaching" in the field ministry anymore? Give me a break!

    I know for a fact they do. I have family members still in Bethel that have worked with several members in the door to door work.

    They're still Pharisaical cult leaders, though.

  • insidetheKH
    @wingcommander every week
  • _Morpheus
    WC, while im not comfortable critizing someone on their appearance (beyond choices of clothing or hair style) i would point out that in my years of working in the laundry no GB members wife ever set foot in the place, let alone worked there. In fact, no heavy's wife worked there. The laundry was for newbies and the unimportant. Gb members wifes got very cushy "jobs". Jobs in the sense that they showed up but not much was expected and they were office type jobs where they essentially did next to nothing
  • millie210

    It is hard to snag a flattering photo from a video due to constant facial movement.

    That said, she doesnt look like the "happiest" of women. She looks soft and I dont mean as in "kind" although she may be kind - I have no idea.

    I mean soft as in she doesnt have to push or challenge herself physically or more importantly mentally or emotionally.

    She just looks like she goes along to get along as her world view in general.

    Why is she not a grandmother? Is he (AM) a grandfather? I assumed at their age they would be grandparents unless this is a second marriage.

    I dont know much about them obviously.

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