Have you been love bombed or practiced this technique?

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  • truthsearcher

    What has been your experience with love bombing (that is the practice of showering attention upon newcomers until they are part of the org)?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I was love - bombed for around 2 years after I started attnding the kh. and I became an active love - bomber myself for around 22 years, once I'd been baptised.

  • Abandoned

    Yes, I was, by the lovely friends of fayetteville, nc. I shouldn't have fallen for it then. The brother who studied with us convinced us that we had to take a stand and get out of the military. I only had a year and a half left, but "armageddon could come any day" and this was the year that the revelation climax book came out. So, I put in paperwork to become a conscientious objector on the suggestion of a man who waited until he retired from the military before taking "the truth" seriously. I had to get out immediately, but this pud needed to ensure he was optimizing his pension first. There is nobody blinder than one who doesn't want to see.

  • Mysterious

    When I was sick an fading they used to swarm me at the few meetings I attended even though they never had two words to say to me before then.

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    In a sense I feel it happens in other situations apart from the dubs, for instance at work if someone new comes on board I tend to welcome them, or a new poster comes here, we all welcome them. I guess the difference is that, they are specifically instructed to do it, and its almost trying to create a rather false over the top amount of love, to prove the dubs are the true religion, in other words its a conditioned behaviour. I have to admit I used to do it.

    CS 101

  • truthsearcher

    In what way are JWs instructed to love bomb? Can you give examples.

  • valkyrie

    Never been on either end of that charade. I've always been repulsed by hypocrisy - whether personal or institutional.


  • vitty

    I never thought of it as love bombing............I just wanted new ones to feel welcome and then be part of something special

    Now I see it for what it is...................fake.................Its not so much the love bombing but the retraction of it once your baptized or you start missing meetings and become bad association.

  • TresHappy

    Love bombed in the JW's and the Boston Church of Christ. The BCC was worse about it than the JW's. Read about their abuses on-line. It'll make the JW's seem like a Sunday picnic!

  • garybuss

    Yup! Seen it, done it! It's standard practice. The practice is taught (at least it was) as a meeting topic.

    I was raised by Witness parents but the practice can be experienced by visiting a Kingdom Hall as a stranger. That's actually one reason so many Witnesses move to a different Kingdom Hall. The new one seems so much friendlier than the last one. That lasts maybe a whole month.

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