lets make something up, so say the writters of the wt magazines

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  • sowhatnow

    'Ok people, we have 3 awake magazines with 8 pages each to pump out before the end of the month, no politics, no sex, no mention of education, no recreation, no religious topics, no medical advice, limit music only to instruments '

    say the GB.

    'oh a deadline, gee, 3 'whole' magazines, and so few topics, what ever will we print in them???'

    'how about the life cycle of an ant? ' says 'cubicle # 2'.

    'you go girl and don't forget use the watchtower library for your research'.

    [copy paste copy paste]

    How creative are you or I, that we couldn't arrange an awake magazine with lots of colorful pictures, within like half an hour? I know there are those creative minds on here!

    [and who the heck imagines those study articles! they brain is in backwards].

    [what would YOU have liked to see in those magazines]

  • Splash

    I don't think there's much that can be added to the weighty and authoritative 'college' education supplied in the Awake!:

    1972 Nov 22 "Be Careful with Electricity"
    1972 Nov 8 "Home Barbering - Is it for YOU?"
    1972 July 8 "Hey! - Taxi!"
    1981 May 22 "How Safe are Microwave Ovens?"
    1987 Nov 8 "Why is it so Hard to Avoid Masturbation?"
    1987 Nov 8 "Tips for your Cassette Tapes"
    1992 June 8 "Left Handedness - Disadvantage or Advantage?"
    1997 Feb 8 "Grow your own Sprouts"
    2004 Sept 8 "How to Train your Dog"
    2003 March "A Bean that Traveled the World"
    2009 Feb "A Bicycle that Sharpens Knives"
    2011 Sept "What Can I Wear?"

    Far too many life shaping topics to list.

  • DesirousOfChange

    "Why is it so Hard to Avoid Masturbation?"

    Pun intended?

    Somebody had a sense of humor.


  • Simon
    1987 Nov 8 "Tips for your Cassette Tapes"

    LOL, does it involve a pencil?

  • suavojr
  • stuckinarut2

    How about:

    "How to become the most edumacated peoples in the world"

    (By being taught by the "thinkingest GB" as ToMo3 said once)

  • antes8080

    101 best jobs so you can pioneer.

    How to train your pet Lion in the new world.

  • stuckinarut2
    "window cleaning. A righteous career"
  • stuckinarut2

    "How to read a clock"

    (to help with creative witnessing time counting, and date predictions)

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    • Was Hitler Gay?
    • Is Obama a gay Muslim?
    • Should Christians exorcise used cars whose previous owners were Hindu?
    • Is eating kosher food considered association with false religion?
    • Is the English alphabet full of pagan symbols?

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