why when a person is dis fellowship the elders and others act like all hope is gone and refuse help that person come back to God's Word

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  • steve2

    ray83, the fact that you do not appear to have asked the local body of elders this question speaks volumes. YOu ask your valid question on this forum!!

    You appear to be going round and round in circles trying to fathom out what is really very easy to understand if you allow yourself to come up for a breath of fresh air:

    The JW organization is just another man-made religion run by men who have "policies" from which they cannot deviate. They are as trapped as your husband is.

    Your husband could try getting a life beyond the JW orbit.

    Better yet, you could serve as a marvellous model for him by taking decisive steps away from the organization and warmly inviting your husband to join you in making a life away from the delusiuonal force field of the JW organization.


  • Crazyguy

    If your not with us then your against us! That's their mentality so if one is not actively go back to meeting and begging the elders to let them back in then they must not care and therefore we don't either.

    When I was going through my awakening I thought the elders were coming to reach out to the 1that had left the flock. Instead they said that if I didn't agree they understood that one of them was once a Baptist. They were almost encouraging me to leave so they wouldn't have to deal with me later.

  • stuckinarut2

    The latest Circuit Assembly had a quote like this:

    "We don't want to associate or mix with any who are disfellowshipped. Remember that this discipline is meant to make the disfellowshipped one feel the hurt and loss that comes from leaving gods organization, and move them to make steps to return"

    So! The point is? Guilt them back into the org...Hmmm...nothing said about Gods love, or kindness...

    So is that a healthy motivator to make someone return??

    Would we belt a child and take away his food just so he can say "oh daddy, yes, I do love you after all...please can I be loved by you again!?" No...that would be ABUSE, not kindness....

  • violias

    From what I recall in the mags and what elders say, Df'ing IS NOT punishment. It is a casting out, basically the death penalty. In ancient Isreal you could be stoned but sadly the WTS does not have the power to do that. You are on your own to get back. Eat dirt and crawl in the back way , sit on the back row until they feel they have humiliated you enough. It is very dependent on each Boe .If you were well liked or the family of elders or others who are important, perhaps it goes a bit easier. .

    Punishment would include marking and reproff announced to the congregation. Punishment and DF'ing are not the same thing.

  • Finkelstein

    I'd like to see somewhere in the bible where people who had committed adultery, fornicated or for stealing were pointed out and disfellowshipped in the community of which they lived (Publicly announced) even from their own families ???

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

    I know that the ancient Hebrews would kill apostates who were opposed to their power and control .

  • Conchappie

    Witnesses break the rules for me which i found very interesting. My dad often said to me its just as hard for those who arent disfellowshipped because they want you back and want to talk to you.

    I had to sit through 3 days of silence and being alone in a stadium full of 1000's of people because of being disfellowshiped ... and yet if i saw someone i knew as i wondered the grounds they would all acknowledge me some nodded others shook my hand and some touch my shoulder and said a few words like "well done" or "dont give up"

    even at my own hall ive had sisters follow me out and hug me expressing they know how hard it is. ive had several brothers shake my hand or outright ask how i am infront of others which made me feel more awkward then anything like i was breaking the rules instead of them...

    when i was first disfellowshipped i had an elder follow me out and ask how i was doing once or twice.

    every hall is different, as is peoples relationships with one another. some are knee jerk and strict, others bend the rules. either way it is hard for all and just a sad situation to live through.

  • KateWild

    Disfellowshiping is all nonsense. The elders make up their own rules. It can be harsh and unloving if you don't have a family member on the body of elders. They can just forget about you and keep saying no to reinstatement.

    I suggest you tell your husband to stop trying now cos it's nonsense.

    Good luck

    Kate xx

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Repentance means sincere regret or remorse, deep sorrow, compunction, to turn from sin....many of these things are not easily discerned, so, the ORG has made "repentance" into an act, an act not unlike being a JW itself. One must become patternistic, follow a program of repentance..."works that befit repentance" is what they like to call it. Everything involves works....there is no grace, oh wait, undeserved kindness. You must follow the program, meetings, underline your magazine, look dejected...all the same works that God is looking for. LOL

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