Why would the Society put this picture of a 'nuclear bomb' on a WT cover talking about Armageddon?

by Esse quam videri 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ToesUp
    One word...FEAR.
  • pixel

    Well, I don't think they are implying God will use nukes at the big A, but in case this whole thing is true, whatever he will use to wipe out millions of people is going to be way more destructive that a nuke.

    So, it's just doom and doom.

  • suavojr

    Using a nuclear explosion as a picture can get people to read it, because we know that mankind has the capability to do this. Another possibility is the belief that using a nuclear weapon would expedite Armageddon, since God would have to intervene and prevent the human species to get exterminated. The record shows how unlikely any deity will take action and prevent this from happening, but religious fundamentalist still crave for the idea of a swift and speedy execution of anyone who does not support their religious dogma.

  • Vidiot

    finkelstein - "...religious fear-mongering..."

    Gotta admit, that shit works (although, maybe not as much nowadays).

    TerryWalstrom - "They long for the days of Gorbachev's birthmark on the forehead. It was so easy back then."

    Oh, yeah; I've suspected that the GB miss the good old days of the Cold War for some time, now.

    For one thing, it made their eschatology way more plausible to those already inclined that way.

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