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  • Dansk

    I can see this one now!


  • ania
    I can see this one now!

    yes thats because i hosted it on my photomax website (and edited my post) but my website won't take the other pics as they have to be jpg/jpeg format, oh well now i know something i never knew b4 cheers

  • mouthy

    I learned a lot about the Baha'i faith did you know it started in 1844.its roots lie in the Shi'te sect of Islam which was led by 12 successive Imams,decendents of Muhammad's son-in-law Ali

    Does your Mum know its origin..? They are peaceful people but follow man the same as the WT in MY opinion.

  • Satanus

    Bahais have to tow the line, like a cult. They are also smug. 'Course, carmel will disagree w me.


  • ania
    They are peaceful people but follow man the same as the WT in MY opinion.

    Hi Mouthy- I have similar opinions of all religion they all follow man as far as i'm concerned (in one way or another) that is why i do not belong to one...but i guess some people need to belong to something especialy after 43 years as a jw (like my mum) and if she is happy and not trying to convert or judge us (and her faith does not agree with degrading women & abusing children) then live & let live i say!!!

    thanks for that information guys

  • Mysterious

    Try for hosting. I don't think there are format restrictions. If there are you can convert files to other formats in microsoft photo editor (save as), ms paint, adobe photoshop, the gimp (free download), paintshop pro and numerous other programs.

  • Klew


    I got your info forwarded from a friend. I'm a Baha'i and former JW. (JW from 1969 to 1996; Baha'i since 1997). I gather that you are in a similar situation. Feel free to write.

    Warm Regards,


  • ania

    cheers Klew i will let my mum know

    thanks Mysterious i did have some brilliant programs but my cousin now has the disks and i had to reformat my hard drive. As soon as he visits i will ask him to return them

  • mouthy

    that is why i do not belong to one

    Me either ...I do have a personal relationship with Christ though.... Following a fleshy man is out for me....Has to be the Spiritual Jesus I talk to & try to follow. though I fail many times but I dont feel to worried about it as long as I show love even my enemies.But he paid for me ( the ransom was high)

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