Literature not for Disf'ed people says Elder.........

by Balsam 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sass_my_frass
    they said we were always welcome to the hall

    HA ha ha. By 'welcome' I guess they mean 'we will enjoy snubbing and shunning you for an unspecified time until we feel you have been tortured enough and then some'. Welcome.... good grief, I was completely invisible when I was at the meetings. They only like people getting reinstated because having people put themselves through that agonising flogging helps them believe that they have the truth. 'It makes no sense, but it must be true because people have such a terrible time out there in the world that they'd rather come here and be ignored'.

    Stop needing their stupid propaganda.

  • Balsam


    The WTS literature is used to talk to people who are having doubts to helps them see how the magazines discourage any kind of reasoning. By using their own literature I've been able to help 8 people leave the witnesses when they were ready. Yes it takes some effort, patience and a willingness on their part to think. Thus the use of the literature.


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