The WTS fornicating with CESNUR

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  • M.J.

    By the way, this is kind of comical, really. Sort of like a gay-basher getting caught in drag at a gay rights rally.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I must be overlooking something here. Would someone please help me? When I reviewed the posted link, it said the paper (talk) was written about Jehovah's Witnesses, by John Brown, of the Pagan Unity Campaign, Tucson, Az. Do we know for sure that the WTBTS participated in this most recent meeting, as it appears they did in 1998?


  • daystar

    Yes, very humourous. Poor SBF, still stuck in JW-think, just can't grasp the hypocrisy inherent in WBTS involvement with this.

    I wish SBF, you could present a reasonable defense for this. I really wish you could. But you can't. Do you really think that the WBTS should be allowed to involve itself in things that it denigrates to its constituents, using phrases like "fornicating with", etc.?

    Are you, in effect, saying that the end justifies the means? I'm sure I read a Watchtower article or two at some point on how "True Christians" wouldn't involve themselves with The Great Beast or the Whore Babylon no matter what rationale used or to what ends it was directed, so as to not return, like a dog, to its own vomit. Strong words, but I think very appropo here.

  • garybuss

    Great post Narkissos, Politics for the Society is like a salad bar. They define a salad as lettuce, radishes, and green peas. To them coleslaw is not a salad because it does not contain lettuce, radishes, and green peas.

    Ask a Witness if the Society participates in government and they'll say no. But as you say Narkissos, they lobby, they entertain, they associate, and they are world experts at using the Judicial branch of government.

    So, they hold the United States record for a religion participating in politics at the Supreme Court level, and deny they participate in government. United States government only has three branches, the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial. Witnesses are active in two of the three.

    There's no conflict in being a Jehovah's Witness and being a lawyer. How can I be a-political and practice law? Were will I practice? As an attorney, my job is working in the judicial system, and the judicial system is a part of the government(s), and working in government is the attorney's job. There's no difference between a judge and a Witness attorney.

    How can the Witnesses claim to be non-political when they claim to BE a government? What part of BEING a government is non-political?

    The Witnesses don't have a problem with governments. They have a problem with OTHER governments. The Witnesses are actually MORE of a political party than they are a religion. That fact has not been missed by more than a few legitimate governments.

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