How did you handle birthdays at work -school?

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  • sspo

    When I look back, I foolish it was as people around you at work enjoyed a piece of cake and you were the only one that refused it. You had to explain why we could not have a piece and how wrong it was in God's eyes.

    Looking back it was stupidity at its best, the Almighty God Jehovah will destroy you if you eat a piece of cake.

    The JW's brag they are some of the most educated bible scholars in the world that know how to worship God.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I did things like that for years at work, and I'm sure that I was considered odd by my colleagues. On the face of t, it's not much of an advert for a religion that's supposed to make you happy, having to refuse to join in fun things with your work colleagues.

    I join in now I'm out, and my friends at work feel I have now got over whatever the paranoia that was affecting me before was.

  • blondie

    I have actually lucked out where I have worked...birthdays are handled in a structured by membership only club. Not everyone has joined this club due to how it is handled so I don't stand out at all.

    As to cards, I have just signed them because no one offers the card to the few JWs that have worked with me.

    The schools I went to did not have birthday parties because some children weren't being invited. I suppose it bad enough to choose not to participate but to have others not invite you would be worse sitting in the room while treats were served to the others. The few times I was in a school that had parties, the teacher would save a cupcake for me for the next day. That seemed fair to me.

    (Interestingly, I did not celebrate Valentine's day but many times received more valentines than non-JWs did...that was sad...that ended too when it was perceived as a popularity contest that was based on the economic situation of the pupil.)


  • carla

    Now in public schools around here anyway, you must bring enough birthday treats for the entire class, invitations to parties are not to be brought to school but mailed. Valentines Day you must bring a valentine for everybody in the class, they give a list with all the kids names. At Christmas the kids vote about having a party or not. Usually if they want to to do a gift exchange the girls bring a 'girl' gift and boys bring a 'boys' gift, anyone who doesn't want to participate doesn't. Simple. Nobody needs to explain anything like, 'I belong to a whacky cult that has totally perverted the word of God and makes ridiculous rules so I look a geek'.

  • mama1119

    When I was at school, I strictly adhered to the rules, never a birthday candy or cake passed through my lips. I went to seperate classrooms during anything Christmas or Thanksgiving. When I was in my early twenties, and working, I did the minimal celebrating just to get by not looking like a freak, but not actually celebrating.. Now, I am making up for all those lost years!

  • banished1

    Like Blondie where I worked had a Holiday Social Club. You had to join to be invited to the B-days and Holiday parties. If you were not on the list you were not bothered. Pretty smart on the managers part.

    But today I am actually attending my first Birthday party since being ousted! Yeah, me and my man are invited to a party for under 30s complete with adult refreshments and music!

    I am so past worrying about what God thinks of me anymore.

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    I too am making up for all those missed parties. I sing out loud, louder than others, and finish up Happy Birthday with, And Mannnnyyyy Moooorrrreee. I love it! I even sing if we're in a public place and someone else, whom I don't know, is getting a cake.

  • jaguarbass

    When I was in grade school 1-6 back in the 60's My mother made me go and sit in the school office during any celebrations. Im still angry about that.

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