Why was the WTBT$ part of the UN?

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  • mama1119

    Thank you for your responses. This was my Dads question, and I will have him read t he responses.

  • heathen

    Yah it was real clever how they did that since part of the agreement of being an NGO was to not defame other NGOs . The WTBTS then started backing off it's position on false religion and world governments . Meanwhile you still couldn't be caught in a "church of christiandom" or working for the government without the jc coming down on you. It was all about the money and also to eleviate persecution . France saw right throught that facade .

  • parakeet

    What I don't understand is why the WTS didn't perform the theocratic warfare hat trick when their involvement with the UN became public. They could have told their followers that the WT joined the U.N. as an NGO "spy" in order to keep tabs on the "beast's" plans to persecute "Jehovah's faithful people." JWs would have bought that lie. They've bought all the other lies.

  • heathen

    Yah right parakeet. LOL They even came up with somethinng more brilliant like they couldn't track all the disaster regions to send humanitarian aid to without the beastly UN. But by God don't let anybody see you in a YMCA swimming pool or a church of christiandom. Meanwhile they walk right into the beasts lair , their most hated enemy , in opposition to jehovah ................well you get the drift .

  • yaddayadda

    When you go back and read all the volumes of material on this site in the 'best of' section on the UN scandal, it becomes apparent that the main reasons for why the Society joined the UN are three-fold: 1 - to get access to otherwise expensive UN resources in countries like Africa, etc (planes, trucks, etc) to help the brothers in those countries. 2 - to try and take the pressure of governments trying to ban them or harshly tax them, such as in France, Eastern Europe, etc, as has been brought out on this thread. 3 - to have more access and greater credibility on certain UN forums/initiatives in the interests of religious freedom and tolerance, so as to try and help the brothers in lands where JW's are banned. The question arises: how could the leaders justify/rationalise this bizarre deliberate strategic ploy? The answer is that it seems that following Fred Franz's demise, an insider understanding developed amongst the GB or at least some prominent members of the GB, that the UN may well not be the 'scarlet-coloured wild beast' after all and that the Society's former harsh and condemnatory view of the UN should be minimised, with the UN now to be regarded as really nothing worse than any other government, in terms of bible prophecy. All governments collectively, UN included, are all the 'Wild Beast', seems to be the tacit view of the JW leadership now. This rationalisation hs come through in some of their letters on the subject. They have just never come out and announced it officially in the Watchtower as a new interpretation. I think those are the main motives behind the Society's great cock-up with the UN venture. Nothing to do with a library card - that is an outright lie by the Society. Overall I think their motives were rather honourable, but it doesn't change the fact that the hypocrisy and spiritual adultery/compromising to obtain these benefits is astonishing and undeniable.

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