Just wanted to post this "reminder" for newer jws

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  • wozadummy

    A Paduan

    thanks for that reminder I've saved it

  • greendawn

    On another recent thread it was pointed out that some JW are claiming in the wikipedia that the org never promoted 1975 as the year of the end. That article disproves their claim they do not specifically mention 1975 but 6 or 8 years from 1969 brings us to 1975-1977.

  • moomanchu
    What's that old JW cliche about "not running ahead" of Jehovah's organization?

    They need to add "not running behind Jehovah's organization".

    Wasn't there a cliche about "being in lock step with the organazation" ?

  • CyrusThePersian

    I actually used that quote a long time ago (mid-nineties) when I conducted a book study. A teenaged boy told me after a meeting that he was reconsidering college because "the time was so close" and that he should pioneer instead.

    I had just seen that Awake! quote a few days earlier on Kent Steinhaug's website (I think). So I calmly reached over to the bound volumes and pulled one down and after a little searching found that quote and read it to him. I asked, "What do you think of that?"His reply was something to the effect of "See, the end is coming, I may not even get to finish school." or something like that. Then I showed him the spine of the bound volume with 1969 on it and said, "The 'young persons' who read that article back then are now in their mid-forties (back then) The point is don't put your life on hold waiting for the new system. You are obligated to make your way in this world while its still around. Go to school!"

    The upside to this story is that he did go to school and is today a civil engineer for the city of Memphis TN. He still goes to meetings though, the last I heard.


  • carla

    I used those on my jw too. Response? They are imperfect men. Me, 'then why listen to them at all?' Because they are God's org. Round and round you go.

  • TweetieBird

    This is so sad. I remember tons of people growing up that put off having children because they wanted to wait until after the big A. They are well past the child bearing years and are probably all alone with no one to care for them, rotting away in some nursing home. It's criminal what the Society has done. If I sound pissed, I am. Thank God that I exercised freedom of though growing up and didn't buy into the BS any more than I did.

  • CyrusThePersian

    Hi Carla!

    Too true! Fortunately, in this particular case, the boy's Mum was on my side. She wanted him to go to school too, so it was a pretty easy job to convince him.


  • CyrusThePersian

    Hi TweetyBird!

    Your post reminded me that I just heard that the man who was PO at my old congregation had to be put in an old folks home. He wasted his whole life for the Borg and now has nothing to show for it, no family, no future, nothing.The person that handled the arrangements was the current PO since the oldtimer has no relatives. So sad.


  • JWdaughter

    About 20 years ago I knew a JW lady who had had 2 children rather late in her life/marriage. She was over 40 and her husband had a decent job. She had spent her whole married life pioneering (even after the kids). They had just purchased a nice minivan and she was telling me how they had the choice to put a down payment on a house or purchase the car (she managed rentals and lived in a small 2 bedroom duplex) and she decided that to serve Jehovah better that getting the minivan would be the better choice-in view of the short time left. Houses in this area have gone up at least 100% since then. Her minivan is scrap. Her kids are in their mid twenties and probably still living in that 2 bedroom duplex if at home. Which, they likely are, taking care of their older parents who never planned for retirement.

  • Norm

    I remember well reading these cocksure statements back in the seventies when the date 1975 was promoted as the ultimate truth. Here is some more of the same served in 1969:

    *** w69 3/15 171 What Influences Decisions in Your Life? ***
    12 The influence and spirit of this world is to get ahead, to make a name for oneself. Many schools now have student counselors who encourage one to pursue higher education after high school, to pursue a career with a future in this system of things. Do not be influenced by them. Do not let them “brainwash” you with the Devil’s propaganda to get ahead, to make something of yourself in this world. This world has very little time left! Any “future” this world offers is no future! Wisely, then, let God’s Word influence you in selecting a course that will result in your protection and blessing. Make pioneer service, the full-time ministry, with the possibility of Bethel or missionary service your goal. This is a life that offers an everlasting future!

    Some times quite inadvertantly Brooklyn actually do describe the very technique they use when they present their superstitious drivel as "truth". This is how it is done folks:

    *** w56 6/15 357 Getting and Giving the Thoughts of God ***
    WORDS are the bullets used in the war for men’s minds, and they are fired from every weapon in the arsenals of propaganda. They incessantly drum on our ears and seek to fill our minds with the thoughts and promises of men.In tireless waves they come to brainwash everyone into conformity, dissolving and rinsing from the mind any thoughts that contradict their message. If they can deluge the mind continually other thoughts will have no room, will be crowded out. That is the strategy of the sustained fire of these verbal bullets, the purpose of their churning in like the ocean surf. And different groups fire at our minds with different doctrines, deluge us with varying propagandas.

    So now you know why you have to attend endless meetings every week, and attend assemblies do "field service" where you are constantly bombarded with complete bullshit intil your brain is mush, with hardly any ability to think at all.


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