Hate mail from jws

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  • blondie

    Maybe you have to be registered on Beehive to access the URL.

  • dedpoet
    Maybe you have to be registered on Beehive to access the URL

    I don't think so, blondie, but I emailed the help desk and they have been having a few probs lately. I can't access the site from the link I posted, whereas I could the other day, so I don't know what the trouble is yet. I will post when it's sorted out.

  • candidlynuts

    take their names, send their elders a list of their congregation members that are visiting ex jw sites online

    see how they feel about the org after they get booted for surfing the web inappropriately.

  • dedpoet

    Hi candidly

    I have names, but no idea where they are from. What I think may have happened is that the dub who originally emailed me, to whom I replied, went on a pro jw site and gave my email addy out, not ethical I know, but remember who we are dealing with here, and some of his cyber friends decided to join in the fun. I got to my site and it has had a few hits, but not 50+, so they haven't all read it.

    I just can't figure out why the url I posted doesn't work today, it did the other day when I sent it someone who was asking for help. I jnow the Beehive are experiencing problems as I emailed them to inquire, hopefully everything will be ok soon.


  • inbyathread

    Try this


    edited ok sorry this is how I found the site

    search for 'jehovah' using the search box on the mainpage. only one result comes up

  • dedpoet


    Thanks, the Beehive is still experiencing problems, and mine isn't the only site that is difficult to access today!.

    I hope you all get to, and enjoy the site, which I will be adding to soon. Any comments welcome, including emails, though I may have hsd enough of them for now!


  • mama1119

    You should post them on your site under the button "interesting JW replies"

  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    I've just read the feedback emails on Gary Buss's site. Why is it that the JW's that post flame replies are always complete retards with no sense of comprehension?

  • dedpoet


    You should post them on your site under the button "interesting JW replies"

    That has crossed my mind, and it might be the best thing to do with them, apart from deleting them. though I'd have to cut some of the cuss words out, and there were a few, including language I personally don't use, in some of their replies.

    Then I could send the address, now it's working again, to Brooklyn, to let them see how their loyal followers are behaving lol.

    btw, this link is now working



  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Carla, You actually do not need to be rich to use the media, in the area I live in there are 3 really great free ads, some you can put up to 150 words, other method you could try is if you live in a smaller city and have a local paper contact the editor, most have a section where they post letters from people, respond and sometimes investigate. I have always thought using the media is a great way to be heard.

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