A story that is hard for me to tell

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  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident


    It is a hard story to tell and a hard one to hear. It takes brave hearts to speak out and strong hearts to hear what is said. It gets a little easier to tell and a little easier to bear with time. (Not much but a little). What makes it worth it is seeing things can be different for the next generation. Telling the story is the first step to changing the future for your family and your children.


  • calico
    When I read your story what came to my mind was the aftermath of a sinful act. The great grandpa's sin definitely would not go unnoticed by Jehovah. Moreso, that he has misled a lot. But let it be clear that the fact that he was the Presiding overseer of the congregation doesnt make him perfect or saint. The bible says that jehovah's judgment will begin from his house - congregation. This implies that there are bound to be a few bad eggs among us. I want you to see all that had happened as a testimony never to leave Jehovah inspite all odds.

    Hey, your proctologist called--they found your head!

  • Dismembered

    Very brave post under_believer.


  • Confession
    This is the final tragedy in a loveless, sad, tragic life filled with pain and misery--her children will not be with her in paradise, and her God and Father is the one that will do the killing.

    But that is a pattern she's familiar with, and maybe that offers some small comfort.

    This part gave me a chill.



  • wozadummy

    Thanks for sharing that painfull REAL life story UB

    Noble your a pathetic crock of crap ,you sound like the rest of those pathetic hypocrites we've been dealing with over this type of thing for 12 years and still, your type of god is blind and deaf from within the fake org. that is run by men, and men that only possess the power to be unloving and the real God is still waiting to see if the GB hypocrites will act!!! You know nothing of what you comment on!

  • dobbie

    Under-believer what a terrible story it must have taking a lot of guts to write that it makes me feel sick thinking of what these people get up to and get away with am sending you a big hugx

  • bigmouth

    Ig-noble, you sound like an average Witness. Well done. I've met thousands like you.

    Under_believer, thank you for posting this. Sometimes I think the best we can do is at least be better to our own children than our parents were. If only a little bit. And then be able to step back and see what a good job you've done.
    Kind regards, Pete.

  • under_believer

    Thank you, all, for your support and kindness. It means more than you can know. I don't have the words to express my gratitude--not for anything you can say (though that's appreciated too) but for simply reading it and tucking it away to tell others.

    At this point I am quite astonished that I wrote and posted it. Every word of it is true; including the parts that expose the sides of my personality that I'm ashamed of--like being retroactively happy that my grandfather suffered in his death. It is true that he caused extreme pain, directly or indirectly, to three generations of descendants; but if you saw the way he died you might feel that he paid his debts. No court of law in the world would sentence someone to die that way.

    I had planned to tell the story in an vague, truncated way, but it all came spilling out in a cathartic rush of feeling. I'm shivering now and I wonder if I'll come to regret posting it. I guess if one person can benefit from reading the story, and get out of the org, or pay closer attention to their kids, or think about their own childhoods, it will be worth it.

    Someday, hopefully with her permission, I will tell my wife's family story. Some would argue that it is just as bad.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Just want to add - thanks for sharing that under_believer. It can't have been an easy thing to write.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident


    Don't beat yourself up because you are glad your grandfather suffered. It seems like some sort of cosmic justice that one who caused so much suffering to others should in turn suffer himself. Of course, so often we see the opposite happens, so I don't put too much faith in karmic justice. Sometimes suffering is caused by others, sometimes it just happens. One we can't do anything about, the other we can. Perhaps one day you will be able to let the suffering go and the wish for justice. If not, then that's OK too. We feel what we feel. It's how we act that makes a difference.


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