Another family forced apart.

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  • sspo

    Hang in there, maybe your daughter will see the stupidity of shunning and will return to you.

    For the elders that did that they should be hung upside down

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The shunning policy is evil. I swear if they could, they would stone people. Some recent posts made me realize how close they are to the terrorists. I never realized that before. But I truly think they will do anything in jehovah's name-just much sneakier. This really needs to be published.

    The poor sick mother. How can they justify taking away the most precious thing in her life? I have lost children to this disgusting cult and I can testify to the agony involved. I hope the daughter comes around, but I see how they all rally around the "poor JW" whose family "turns against Jehovah." The love bombing starts anew some times The daughter is really going to regret it if she loses one of her elderly parents.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Perhaps we could all email the editor of the article (Miles Jermy), and ask him to forward our support to this couple. I bet they feel pretty alone and isolated now with no idea that their situation is not that uncommon.

  • fokyc

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  • greendawn

    It's mean and it's wrong but it's wonderful that they are getting some bad publicity and let's hope there will be more of it. In this case they have no excuse at all because that couple were expelled for doctrinal or perhaps administrational issues not for any immoral behaviour such as adultery or fraud.

  • Velta

    My heart goes out to this couple who have not only lost their daughter, but probably all the friends they have made over the many years they were JWs. My husband and I were dfd on December 24, 1983 after having been in the organization for over 50 years. We still have family in the org. esp. painful is the losing of our son and his family. I have emailed the newspaper editor and the one who wrote the article and asked them to pass my email on to them. I know they need a support group. Our story is on our website at if anyone cares to read it. We also have the transcript of our disfellowshipping (the appeal) at the end of the testimony. Disfellowshipping is so harsh that many never ever are the same. They just give up. I pray this couple will realize that there is hope and get on with their lives. It is very hard when you are older. I don't know what we would have done without our daughters who came out with us.


  • happehanna

    How awful for this couple and undeserved.

    I have sent a small card and just addressed it to them at Kingfisher Close Bradwell Great Yarmouth which is all in the public domain.

    I have put this website address and hopefully they will find us and gain some support.

    hope I did the right thing it felt right

  • MidwichCuckoo

    That's a lovely idea happehanna - I think I'll do same.

    Welcome Velta

  • Gilberto


    Welcome to the board. I have just read your story. As it must have been heartbreaking to have your friends go to the elders like that also losing your son and family.

    I found this part of your jc interesting but not surprising.

    They would not listen to any scriptures that we tried to show them. They said , "We are not here to discuss the Scriptures, we are here to see if you are "apostates"

    Thank you for your input , it would be good if you could post some more!


    That is a good idea. I am sure Mr and Mrs Gibbons would be pleased with messages of encouragement.


  • Velta

    Thank you, for the welcome,

    and Happehanna, I will probably have more time to post now that Summer is past. I spend a lot of time in my garden, but it is slowing down now. Still have a few tomatoes, but nothing else. Thank you for asking.


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