How many people were happy to see you knock at their door in the FS?

by JH 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    No one was happy to see me.


    I had good news for them .....

  • ButtLight

    No one, I cant think of any

  • Dismembered

    Now JH that's a loaded question.


  • Genesis

    No one, they were saying : DEHORS les jehovah ! Good for them lol.

  • JH

    But I did have good news for them....

    I was offering eternal life and perfect health.....

    All they had to do was to follow me...

  • xjwms

    I had two retired gents I would see every other week. did'nt read any scrip...however I left the mags

    we talked about money, travels, socials, sometimes business. They had medical issues, and were always

    friendly. Do you think they could have been lonely?

    Or, just to talk to someone once in a while?

    I was just counting time.

  • Zico

    I find that sometimes you'd meet some clearly lonely old people who would talk for hours about anything, probably just to have someone to speak to... They would generally change the subject when you tried to get back to preaching though!

  • whyamihere

    I had mixed reactions - they would look at me and wonder why I was up so early with old people in 70's attire.

    Or, maybe it was the fact I was half asleep and I didn't

    Come to think of it, I think I was a bad

  • aniron

    In the last 2-3 years of me doing field service, I was the one glad to see someone answer the door.

    It was getting so bad that in one hours FS you would be lucky to speak to 4-5 people.

    I worked streets with 50+ houses in and would be lucky to get two people in.

  • mama1119

    None that I can think of. Of course, I too was usually disappointed when someone would answer the door because that meant I couldn't just leave a rolled up old WT by the doorknob.

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