Issuing a Challenge to Atheists and Unbelievers, part II (get your popcorn)

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  • Rabbit

    Little Toe

    Which god?

    The $64 question !

    I have never had a supernatural experience of any kind. I have never seen a UFO. And...I have never seen, touched, (or been touched by) heard or experienced any kind of interaction with any type of spirit or god.

    But, I know many people who say they've experienced ALL of those things.

    So, are all of them deluded or liars...or am I just 'left out'? I feel really good these days to confidently, absolutely know the answer...I just don't know !

    I agree that the probability of people living on other planets makes good sense given the 100's of billions of galaxies that are out there. I see no logical reason why 'they' would not want to explore the universe just like us. Our spacecraft would be UFOs -- to them.

    God(s): I reason that there are all kinds of life forms 'out there'... Could some of them be...what some call 'spirits' ? Could they have 'special' powers of some kind ? Could they even 'create' life ?

    I just don't know and I'm not going to worry about it!

    Maybe aliens (space type), their UFOs, angels, demons and even gods don't come to my part of Texas.

    Did I mention... I just don't know ?


  • AlmostAtheist

    >>The possibility exists that there is a God (I don't see how that is related to extraterrestrial life).

    This is where I am. Is the premise of your posts, Wanderer, that if we are willing to buy one thing, we ought to leave open the possibility of the other? Like, since there's a chance I'll win $2 in the lottery, there's a chance I'll meet a rich woman that wants to marry me? I'd say both are possible (though one is more likely than the other), but they are unrelated.

    I think most folks responding to both of your threads acknowledge the possible existence of a god. That they don't think it's likely doesn't make them closed minded.


  • The wanderer
    The wanderer

    Dear Dave:

    The threads are designed to make an individual think;
    to leave the possibility open that God may or may not

    As mentioned in my prior post if diabolic spirits do
    exist is there the possiblity that there are good ones
    as well?

    Regarding the issue of being closed-minded reverts to an
    individual who has no proof of a certain position and takes
    an absolute stand on a matter without leaving the possibilites
    open for other perspectives or viewpoints.

    This is one reason that I am no longer one of Jehovah's

    Everyone has a different opinion of course and that
    is why we discuss these issues.


    The Wanderer

  • Seeker4

    Wanderer, as you know, I've enjoyed your posts. These last two have taken a bit of a twist, as AlanF has commented.

    Is there a possibility that god exists in some form? Yes. Probability is close to 0.

    Is there a possibility that life exists on other planets? Yes, with a greater probability than that there is a god.

    Is there any evidence of either? No. So, I won't waste what little life I have here on this planet concerning myself with either proposition.

    When the evidence presents itself for either idea, I'll jump right in line. Until then, there is just so much more interesting stuff to spend my limited life thinking about. To spend it on those two ideas is about as sad as reading in someone's obit - "He spent his whole life searching for the Leprechaun's Pot-O-Gold!"


  • The wanderer
    The wanderer

    Thank you Seeker4 I appreciate your words.

    Now to get on with more normal threads these
    last two were insane. LOL

    Take care and thanks for reading.


    The Wanderer

  • lonelysheep

    Sorry I'm late. I just finished my popcorn and turned on my pc.
    LT--love your humor!

    Do you think that the possibility exists that there is life on other planets? What about UFO's?, There have been a number of reports dealing with such phenomena. And if your answer is yes, the question is—could there be a chance that God exists as well?

    The fact that there is life here on this planet leaves the possibility open for the existence of life on another planet somewhere. I don't believe life outside of earth exists, but, yes, I *guess* it's possible.

    The fact that unicorns, leprechauns, and hobbits don't exist leaves the possibility of god(s)'s existance as nil.

  • skyking

    Seeker4 Then why do you comment on threads like this anyway since your time is too valuable to be waisted? I have to say you are one person that I notice repeatedly puts people down, WHY? Does it make you feel big?

    Ex: did you look at the Mexico UFO's that he is referring to not only is there the one he shows but there are literally hundreds of videos and photo's of the UFO's that were over Mexico city that day?

    here is a link of a mass UFO event that was on Mexico's national News. By the way still unexplained. At least I think you could look before you put someone down. GuadBig.mpg

  • Kaput

    I don't see a ting, skyking. I do. Are you sure those aren't migrating piping plovers?

  • Jerohobobonadad

    As far as a God/ god goes I would say the jury is out. Atheism or Theism each takes a leap of faith. I am not prepared to take such a leap in either direction.

    As far as life on other planets go I would say the jury is out.

    Don't the Scientologists and Mormons think human kind came from an other planet? The concept of life on ther planets is not dependant on a belief in God/ god.

    A science teacher once explained to me that, although the chances of "life" occuring spontaneously in the universe are extremely small, since the universe is such a very large place even an event that has a very small chance of occuring will occur somewhere in the universe.

    When the Hubble telescope was launched, the astronomers pointed it at an area of space they thought was black and empty. They saw hundreds of thousands of galaxies (galaxys?), each containing millions (perhaps billions?) of stars. These stars could each have planets orbiting them. That's a lot of planets in only a tiny area of space (as seen from earth). That's an awful lot of planets in total. The chances of one of these supporting life is therefore quite reasonable overall.

    As far as the reports of people experiencing paranormal/ alien phenomena, in my opinion, I think that a lot of it has to do with power of suggestion and a persons disposition to a certain idea. Aren't most of the people who claim to be abducted by aliens alien-fanatics anyway? How many atheists experience miracles? I think, again only IMHO, that people see what they want to see.

    I would still say the jurys out though. Never say never.

    Jerohobo of the "hedging his bets" class.

  • skyking

    But you looked, SEEKER4 wont. I have no idea if the UFO's are proof for alien life. I wont believe it until I see a dead alien or a live one for myself.

    With SEEKER4 he puts people down without ever really looking at any evidence =. He only sees what he already thinks is true, No-one has the right not to think differently than him if you don't believe me post something you know he will disagree with, then see what happens. Then ask him for proof for his position. He will put you down, he even gets nasty too you if you don't bow down and agree with him. I know personally other posters on JWD they say if he gets on a thread they quit the thread. They are just like me they can't stand the way he damns others. He will even put a person down for spelling and grammar.

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