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    Only a few years ago an Elder in one of the Cheltenham Congregations was convicted of financial fraud against both brothers and outsiders. He is now in a Gloucester cong and is barred from positions in the cong. His family are spread around, life is difficult for all of them.


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    There was in elder in my Congregation who invested, and lost, lots of money from trusting, and vunerable brothers and sisters. There is one sister, who is a single mother, her husband died and she gave him the life insurance money. The others had received money from things such as inheritance. All gone. They are taking him to court, and suing him, as they say he used them. He says he thought he was doing the right things, and had the best intentions, but made mistakes. He was never deleted as an elder, as it hasn't been proved that he did anything wrong, but he was basically forced into resigning. I guess they were afraid he would bring reproach on the Org if he is found guilty. There was another elder who beat his wife, and didn't go out in Field Service for years, and rarely went to meetings, but other elders covered for him. Mainly the Secretary who was putting time in for him when he didn't put a report on. This was because there was a massive power struggle in my Congregation. The Secretary wanted to be PO, and as this elder was on his side, he wanted to keep him in. Eventually, the CO came in, and had the elder deleted, but only after my Dad, who is also an elder, complained to him. Shortly after the wife was disfellowshipped for running off with a worldly man. He was never disfellowshipped for beating her, and is now remarrying another Witness woman. He is coming back to meetings now, but has not been reappointed... yet. My Dad almost stepped down because of how angry he was over how badly the situation was dealt with, and how they tried to cover up for a man who was beating his wife just for the power, but he's stayed on to keep the Secretary from becoming PO.

    My Dad almost stepped down because of how angry he was over how badly the situation was dealt with...

    This statement describes my life as a JW the over the passed 5 yrs or so. Except its not dad its me and there wasnt just one situation but many. If I got into detail here someone may figure out who I am... suffice it to say many elders are corrupt and power hungry.

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    LOL, if you want to dig up dirt in this particular subject you've come to the right place!

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    How about a married elder going to prostitutes for 5 years in a row, on sunday gave the best public talk ever and then he confessed.

    Is that a scandal or you want something juicer?

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    OMG there is tons. PO in a Hall in WI had a long term GF for YEARS. When he retired he decided he wanted to move somewhere warm and was not going to bring GF because his wife would probably have an objection with that. GF finds out and rats him out. He was 2nd gen JW and had kids in the religion. It rocked the congo he was PO in to the point that that the congo was done away w/ and merged w/ two other congos.

    Or the PO's son who accidentally set fire to the house because .... wait for it .... he was smoking in his bed room. Yup the parents (good faithful wonderful example JWs) knew he was a smoker but looked the other way because he had only recently been reinstated. But the house caught on fire one day when sonny boy was drunk and passed out smoking in the bed room. Ohh, they tried to cover it up, but when the fire investigation report came out and the insurance company decided to not fully cover the fire because the cause was their son's fault, there was a law suit and the records became public record and we all found out what happened. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

    Anyone who is generational in the religion would most likely have tons to tell. There are tons of stories skeletons in the JW closet.

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    In the congo back in the 1980's a married elder had an affair with the wife of another elder, somehow they were found out and DFed, but after quite a while they were reinstated for being repentent. In a nearby congo another married pioneer elder run away with a JW woman but they never came back.

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    R6, why do you post on this board? Badboy, GF = Girlfriend. XBEHERE, The elders in my hall are mostly crap, unkind people. Unfortunately, my Dad has the view that I had for many years. He thinks it's just a bad Congregation and that it doesn't reflect on other Congregations or the Organisation as a whole. Reading this board, I've found out that corrupt, unkind leaders, and power struggles are pretty much the norm in Jehovah's Witness congregations.

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