Hello All

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  • delilah

    you look beautiful, my girl....absolutely...what is it about a pregnant woman????

  • Legolas

    You look radiant Es!

    Good to see you!

  • lonelysheep

    Es, you look great! She'll be here before you know it!

  • MsMcDucket

    Hi Es, I know that you must be really tired! I remember those last weeks of pregnancy. Having little accidents when you cough, unable to find a decent position in bed to rest, having to get up to pee again and again, the baby stretching inside of you and making your tummy hurt (Ugh!). I remember. You're getting there! I called my mother everyday of the last month complaining. My mom would just listen and tell me to hang in there.

    One day at a time. You're going to make it!

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Hi Es!! You really do look great and your belly looks pregnant. That is so nice. I love those nice round basket ball bellies. When I was pregnant I just looked like I was enjoying the beer that I wasn't getting.

    Your name you picked is beautiful.

    Just a little to go and you get to have your sweet baby girl.

    Please keep us updated.


  • Es

    fullofdoubt now- thanks hun, its great to see you too. I will post pics as soon as im home from hosp, im sure I'll have heaps.

    luna2- thanks sweets, I hope so too.

    delilah- I agree there is something bout pregnant woman= very sexy.

    legolas- Hi babe great to see you too

    lonelysheep- I so hope so its dragging on and on

    MsMcducket- You sumed it up perfectly the little accidents and not being able to sleep I HATE IT hehehe

    lo-ru-hamah- yeah my body is very different this time round, Im just all tum with Blake i was fat all over heheheh.

    luv you all


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Es,

    Awe dear, you look so cute!! You certainly can tell you are a proud Momma! We are so happy for you!!


    Lady Liberty

  • Es

    heheh thanks Ladyliberty

    luv es

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