working 2 pioneers today using the old soft shoe.

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i lucked out this morning. catching a load of pioneers heading to the hall for fs. i wait for the shit load of them to pass. and grab the last 2. but to my dismise one of them knows me as an apostate. so i give it a try any way. i start asking about km 37 and the new tract. the one that don't know me starts talking, and the one that knows me keeps her mouth shut. so i figure i've gotten to the one that knows my ways. and she's going to let this super sister work me over, remember i'm using the OLD SOFT SHOE . AND BEING NICE. she asks my how i know about the new tract. i use theocraptic warfare. and tell her i have friends in bklyn. and have had a copy of the tract for about a month. i ask her what in the world make you think all false religions will be done away with , any day now.? maybe this year. she's asks were did i get that from. i told her the new tract. she starts rambling on like she knows it all ( i'm firguring she's an elders wife.). she starts asking me if i'm a jw and how i know so much. so i take off the gloves but still wearing the OLD SOFT SHOE. and tell her about how the elders right here in these cong's and conventions promised me as a 10 year old i would never finish junior high school and about 1975. then i switched right into the generation of 1914 and the CREATORS PROMISE THAT THEY WOULD SEE THE NEW SYSTEM. SHE AGREES. AND I BRING HER DOWN TO EARTH . SINCE 1995 THEY CHANGED THIS TEACHING. AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THIS TEACHING IN 1914 ,1874 ARE ALL DEAD. she's starts to back peddle. i pull out some wt's that state such from my head. she;s losing the arguement . and i'm not even warmed up. I'M STILL USING THE SOFT SHOE APPROACH. i bang her about pyramids and the generation from 1878-1914 = 371/2 years and how russell taught this as truth. i switch into vaccantions. blood , 1919, and the grape cure for cancer. and the radium biolqa glasses they were selling at the 1922 convention. she goes into the name jehovah. i give her a fast reference that that name was made up by a catholic monk naMED raymundus martini. under orders from the pope to prove yehway, and allah were false. and even gave her were to look it up at the kh library. at this point the silent sister . knew i had her super pioneer over a barrell. and they started walkiong down the street. . i worked them some more then all of a sudden the quiet sister remembered my name . duh... i told them i know were you a are going to the hall for fs and it will be my pleasure to back up every statement i'[ve made STRAIGHT FROM YOUR OWN KINDUMB HELL LIBARARY. AS ASKED were are your fagot elders that i kicked the shit out of on wt dogma many times before . it was like shooting fish in a barrell. and i never raised my vioce. childs play. john

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Johnny Cip,

    You're a rebel with a great cause. I've read most of your post. You rock! Keep up the great work.


  • uwishufish

    Don't you just love it when this happens. I know it is for me. I think about it for weeks. I hope you get this experience more often!


  • unbeliever

    Johnny I love reading your posts. I would feel almost sorry for those witnesses who cross your path but they don't deserve to be felt sorry for. I really admire how you take them head on and take no shit from them. I know some people on this board don't approve of your methods but I say keep it up.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i give a little of hot action on how to handle wt dopes even using the soft shoe. .and you x jw's don't get it , i know it's not me that needs a wake up call. i a lot of you guys here have no nerve . thats why a lot elders etc , shit on you. i have no taste for b;/s from any jw. in any form. my posts should be number one.. i'm no ass kisser. i'm no plastic apostate. i get results. to many cry babies on this site.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Lol, you never miss a chance so you Johnny. Super.

    raymundus martini

    Surely it's a cocktail?

  • Jerohobobonadad

    That's really good! Nice work!

    I've always wanted to get into a discussion with some unsuspecting JDubs and get them to show me a scripture. Then, completely seriously with a stony faced look, stare at them in the eyes and say "Is this some kind of joke? This book has no words in. All I can see is blank pages." I'd then try not to laugh as they slowly shit their pants as they suspect I'm demon possessed! I know I'd laugh though - I can't ever keep a straight face.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    There should be more like you Johnny.

    I have several family members that just shut down their minds every time I bring up anything even slightly religious.

    I wish they could witness in your street buddy.

    Keep up the good work.



  • tijkmo
    to many cry babies on this site

    ooooh get you

  • Fe2O3Girl
    i'm no plastic apostate. i get results.

    That's great. Can you tell us how many people you have assisted in leaving the JWs using your methods?

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