Has anyone seen The Wicker Man?

by dobbie 13 Replies latest social entertainment

  • littlerockguy

    I saw the original but have't seen the remake, but heard that it was a real disappointment since it didnt follow the original as closely. I will wait for it on dvd before viewing as I would hate to spend about $8 and be disappointed.

  • Crumpet

    The original seems to get shown on UK TV every New years Eve - no idea why - and I always seem to end up ringing in the new year to ... oops cant say that can I or I'll spoil the film.

  • dobbie

    Crumpet - yes but i can't watch it on New Yrs Eve cos i'll be busy trying to kill off Arrowstars threadkillers thread so we can start a new one for 2007!

  • AuldSoul

    I saw it. It was well-done acting. In fact, it was charred 'round the edges it was so well-done. I imagine quite a few movie-goers might have thought it over-done. I would not be an exception to that list.

    I am also a Cage fan, but this was not one of his finer moments, in my opinion. I knew where the thing was headed as soon as the letters he received after the "incident" were read, so I was also disappointed in the predictability of the plot. Some of the imagery in the movie was fantastic, and I like fantasy movies, so I enjoyed that aspect of it.

    On the main, if you collect Cage movies, you will need it for the set to be complete. But I doubt you will watch it more than once.


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