can a jehovahs witness marry a divorced non-witness?

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  • LovesDubs

    This soon to be baptized JW "soul mate" of yours is going to change in front of you like the weather with an oncoming hurricane. After he is baptized he will be REQUIRED to be at all the meetings, REQUIRED to be going door to door and reporting the time he spent doing so to the elders, he will be REQUIRED to keep on your butt to join and he will be REQUIRED to raise the kids JW. And they WILL BE WATCHING HIM. There will be no holidays, no christmas, no birthdays, no joining of sports for your kids or doing holiday krafts at school or even singing the national anthem. You will be expected to drop what you are doing and attend those same JW activities in addition to several conventions a year with only JWs. You will not be allowed to have worldly friends...(non JWs.) No fathers day, no mothers NOTHING.

    He is not your soul mate already dont have several VITAL things NOT in common.

    Dont do this.


  • wvpeach

    Well this little christian gal has been married to a wonderful giant of a man who also happens to be a life long Jehovah's Wittness.

    Did I mention my first husband died many moons ago, and I kicked one husband out the door within months of marrying him several years later. My big lovable guy now and I have been married seven years this next AUG.

    My husband was disfellowshipped during our courtship , yet he continued to attend the hall. I studied with the Wittness's for just under two years then announced that while they were good christians I could not join thier church as things like communion and thier refusal of blood could not be proved as scriptural to me. Hubby was then living with me for at least a year and knew my christian faithfullness well.

    We married he still attends the kingdom hall , I attend lots of church's including his once a year on Memorial night as thats important to him.

    FYI Hubby never asked to be undisfellow shipped. At some point one of the elders announced he was considered in good dtanding again and could once more lead studies and evagelistic attempts. He told them he had never stopped doing those things on his own and , while he was happy they approved of his marriage now, the only concern he had ever had was that God approve of it , not them.

    See I think the important thing many on this forum seem to miss is you should never let another human being decide your fate with God for you. I was raised with 2 grandfathers who were life long ministers in different denominations . And a crazy marine Sgt father who decided to become a minister when he retires from the core. Not to mention the fact they put me in Catholic schools to protect me from the public ones.

    All my life somebody has been telling me they know what God says is best for me. Many times it amounted to nothing more than getting me to do what they wanted me to do. Each person should seek Gods will for thier life on thier own. Use other christians as a support system while you seek , but never, never let people seperate you from God with condemnation.

    Read the bible, all Gods favorate's in the new testament were far worse sinners than most of us could ever be.

    Murders , adultory, lie's you name it. Yet God remained faithful with them and indeed seemed less concerned with thier human sins than that they remained faithful to God above all others.

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