JW's you thought would never leave the WT

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  • aniron

    I've received an e-mail from a JW who I'm still in contact with. Telling me that a certain JW Elder has DA'd. I had to read this mail 2-3 times to check it was the right name. Then I replied to the sender asking did he mean who I thought he meant.

    This Elder, now in his late 50's, he was a person who lived and breathed Watchtower. Brought up in the "truth" by strict JW parents. Wouldn't have a word said against the WT. Even a hint of questioning the WT was enough to have him jump on you. Never missed a meeting or any field service arrangement. He is married. No children, due to the end being near!!

    From what my informer has said it seems that this guy for some reason had started to dig into the WT. Well we all know what happens when you start doing that. It seems the biggest upset for him was the UN scandal. Whatever else he uncovered probably also contributed to his decision to DA. But its come as a big shock to the congregation he was in, which was having troubles anyway. Not sure about his wife though.

    This the third JW in last 2-3 years I've heard of who I would never have thought would ever leave the WT in any circumstances. The two previous ones I heard of left over the peadophile issue, both Elders of many years.

    Has anyone else had the same experience of hearing of a JW who you never ever thought would leave the WT, but has.

  • bubble

    Unfortunately I haven't heard of any from my area of the UK. I wish my family would all do a bit of research and see the light.

    Where are you from, is the elder you heard of anywhere near Essex?

  • sass_my_frass

    I heard from one just last week, and another a few weeks ago who is in Bethel now. Bethel boy writes to me, and lets me reply, but doesn't reply to my replies, whatever that means. Point is, he lets me write to him. Every time he writes, the combination of words he uses to describe how content he is with his exhaustion and endurance is less convincing. It makes me sad that he's so unhappy, but I'm glad that he's the kind of guy who retains the tiniest bit of a clue about how to treat other humans. I hope he doesn't waste too much longer there.

    The other guy just last week; wow I tell you, it was a great morning getting his email. I'd never thought I'd hear from him again, when I told him I was d'fd his response was puzzling. But he sent this big all-points email out about his travels that contained absolutely nothing about JW life, and signed off with 'reply if you're open-minded'. Turns out he is "gone, but not yet classified". I'm so proud of him.

    Also, my name has changed and with it my work email address, which along with my job is very steady. Hearing from him last week has convinced me to make sure that everybody in my history has my contact details so that if they ever want to start behaving decently again, they'll know where to find me. I'm willing to take a few more punches in the face from the ignoramii in order to get through to the guys like my mate who made my day last week. I don't think we have lost everybody forever; just the losers.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    There was an elder/one of the annointed who left several years back. He had been married. Had a daughter.

    Apaprently the marriage was over not long after that. His daughter left the jw's but ended up returning.

    He didn't da, but from my understanding was df'ed in absentia.

    He was one of the youngest annointed in the area, if not The youngest.

  • purplesofa

    my good friend in the truth......

    Her husband was a PO, very loved in the circuit.

    no longer attends and even says now there is no God.

    raised two children.......one pioneers married to a MS and will be leaving soon for international building thing

    the other is a MS married to a pioneer, has done alot of help in Katrina rebuilding.

  • Satanus

    Jw's who knew me were shocked when i turned apostate. While i wasn't gifted in public speaking, i was very conformist, stepped out to do the extra things, like going where the need was greater, special building projects, had a good wt knowledge base, etc.


  • Undecided


    Ken P.

  • sspo

    Myself, never thought i would question the doctrines, very faithful for 31 years.

    I used to think that this is the only chance i have to gain everlasting life and i'm not going to blow it until

    all the little doubts accumulated thru the years were investigated and realize the doctrines don't make sense any more and are even dangerous as many have lost their lives by following them.

  • Honesty

    Two of my closest friends are CO's. They dirtied their britches when I DA'd back in 2004 because for years they said the Watchtower Jehovah could depend on my faithful attitude in all things. They were wrong. It's too bad they are so blinded by the Lie.

  • DanTheMan

    I used to worry about running into Dave (AlmostAtheist) after I left JW's because I felt that in all likelihood he wouldn't shun me, but instead would run intellectual circles around me about da troof and I wouldn't have an answer, cuz i'm just not the smartest, debating-est guy in the world.

    So I was surprised and relieved when he showed up here ;)

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